Quran Printed of Stone Paper Showcased at Paperworld Expo Dubai

You might know that the first copy of the Holy Quran was printed on stone paper, featured at the Parax Paper stall, was the center of attraction on the second day of Paperworld at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The revolutionary and environmentally friendly stone paper is set to rewrite the way the world sees paper, being fully recyclable, waterproof, tear and stain resistant and totally wood-free.

Stone paper is a combination of 80% limestone (calcium carbonate) powder and a small amount of a non-toxic, photodegradable resin (PE). Stone paper is produced using only half the energy needed to make conventional paper and produces half the carbon dioxide.

The paper can be used in a variety of ways ranging from being used to print fine manuscripts and books, including religious texts, gifts, bags etc. The paper is both oil- and bacteria-resistant and hence extremely durable.

“Stone paper is the eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper manufacturing which is heavily reliant on the use of wood as a primary ingredient,” said Harvey Djanogly, director of Parax Paper. “With increasing deforestation putting pressure on the unrestricted use of wood from trees in paper manufacture, stone paper will prove to be a popular and environmentally friendly alternative for global paper manufacturers, GNews reported.

“We want to carry the world forward to the new Stone Age. We believe that everyone has an interest in being more eco-friendly. We offer people a way to carry out this aim with no loss of comfort or practicality. Our stone paper can help build the foundation of a world where we don’t have to chop down trees to enhance the quality of our lives,” Djanogly said.

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