Re-lacquering Process of Old Wooden Furniture

Do you have lacquer finished old wooden furniture? You are thinking that it looks ugly and you should replace your furniture with the new one. But you know that new furniture is very costly and you do not want to lose your existing furniture and you like it very much. Don’t worry. There is a way to return back the first finishing on your old furniture again. And you can easily reuse after renewing through some re-lacquering works. For this reason you have to follow the following steps. Re-lacquering on your old furniture can bring back the first time’s beauty again.

Let us see the steps:

  • At first cover those areas of your old furniture where you do not want to apply re-lacquer.
  • Sand those areas perfectly with Sand Paper P-120 to remove old lacquer where you want to get first time’s finishing.
  • Next sand those areas with P-180 Sand Paper and apply clear sealer 1st coat with spray gun. Remember, air pressure of spray gun should be within 3-4 bar range. And, wait minimum 1 hour for drying. After that, sand properly with P-240/220 grit sand paper.
  • Then, apply clear sealer 2nd time and dry as well, after that sand properly with P-320 grit sand paper.
  • Next, check properly whether you need to polish manually somewhere or not to match the same color in all area or to maintain one color in the whole furniture body or as per your necessity.
  • Apply stain as per your required color or you can skip it if you want to get natural color, or natural finishing.
  • After 10-20 minutes, apply topcoat finally and dry it in a dust free environment.
  • Your re-lacquering is done. See the beauty of your old furniture. It looks like the first time you buy.

So get ready for re-lacquering of your old wooden lacquered furniture. You can do it with the help of any wooden furniture manufacturing company through giving a definite charge (fees). Customer service department of furniture manufacturing company is ready to give you service. Just make a phone call to the customer care and take appointment for re-lacquering.

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