Reason of Using Veneer Board instead of Solid Wood

Branded furniture companies are using veneer board to make their wooden furniture either it is office furniture or home furniture or hotel /restaurant furniture. But, why? Why do they not use solid wood for making cupboard, chest of drawers, cabinets, tables etc? Why are they using veneer board, veneered MDF, ply board to make these wooden furniture? Everybody may have these questions in their mind. But where is the answer? Answer is here. This is because of particular characteristics of natural wood.

Main Reason of Using Veneer Board instead of Solid Wood:

One statement is very common that “Wood is alive though it is dead” and another one is “wood is alive though it is cut”. After cutting and drying of wood, we think it is dead and it will not move. But this is not true. Wood though it is seasoned or KILN dried, can shrink or expand/swell any time.

Normally, brand furniture companies are producing lacquer finished furniture. If you use joint solid wood in case of flat paneled surface say, cupboard, chest of drawer, etc, you will see a hair line in the wood joint area whether it is seasoned or not. Nobody wants to see that. After a few days it will look very ugly if it is lacquer finished. But if it is hand polished, nothing may be felt. But brand Furniture Company do not produce hand polished furniture. This is the only reason behind of using veneer board, furnitec board or veneer board or ply board.

If you use one of these materials instead of solid wood, you will see better look in your furniture and no hair line will be seen anymore. Now it is up to you which you should prefer- solid wood or veneer board in cupboard/cabinet. I am again telling you if you produce lacquer finished furniture, you must use veneer board/furnitech board/ply board etc and otherwise, you can use solid wood, no problem.

About 99% furniture companies are considering this true thing and making lacquer finished furniture made of board. I hope you are clear why brand furniture manufacturing companies are using veneer board instead of solid wood. If you have different opinion, you can pass your comments here. Your comments are open.

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