What are Common Valid Reasons for  Getting a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a court order that restrains one person from harassing, threatening, or causing physical harm to another. In other words, it is an injunction issued by a judicial officer against conduct taken in violation of the law. This includes stalking, cyberstalking, and harassment of any kind. 

You can consult a Milwaukee family law & divorce lawyer to find out if an order is necessary. One of the most common reasons why victims get restraining orders is that they are afraid of the abuser. They are usually scared to live with the abuser in their home. In certain situations, they may not even want to see the abuser on the streets.

We will now see the common valid reasons for getting a restraining order.

Physical, financial, sexual, or psychological abuse

A restraining order can be obtained by anyone who has been a victim of physical, sexual, or any kind of abuse. For example, if you have been physically abused, the court can issue a restraining order that prevents the abuser from coming near you. This is for your own safety. The police may be involved if this happens. They will make sure that your abuser does not harass or harm you in any way.


If you are being harassed by someone in a way that disturbs you, you may ask for a restraining order. For example, if you fear that the person is going to harm you because of your race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, then the court can issue an order to prevent the harassment. 


Stalking is a form of harassment where an individual, who has issues with you or is obsessed with you, follows you for no reason. He might even use your social media accounts to send messages to harass or threaten you. You can get the help of an attorney if you need to move a court and prevent your stalker from harassing or causing harm to you.

Exposing children to any acts of violence

If you feel that someone has exposed your children to acts of violence, such as abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse, then a restraining order may be issued. This will stop the person from harassing the kids in any way. 

Threatening behavior

If someone threatens you with a weapon or uses violence to hurt you, the court can issue an order to restrain that person and keep you safe. For example, if your daughter’s boyfriend is threatening you by choking her or beating her then a restraining order can be issued against that man.

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