Reasons to Create a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp is a popular messaging service:

According to the WhatsApp blog, the platform connects over two billion users worldwide, making it the most popular messaging app in the world today. With such a large audience base to cater to, you can use it to engage 1:1 with your target audiences in the right way.

People prefer chat to phone calls: 

Reaching out to your target audience through their preferred channel is critical in any marketing strategy.

It is critical to use chat as effectively as possible when communicating with your target audiences. Having a brand account on WhatsApp ensures that you are always available to users and that they can contact you at their leisure.

High User Engagement:

Because WhatsApp has a high level of user engagement, your marketing message will almost certainly be opened and read. WhatsApp status updates and read receipts have also increased user engagement.

On WhatsApp, permission-based marketing is at its finest:

You can’t just go online and look for or purchase contacts. You either ask for their phone number or ask them to message you first. You respect the users’ right to reject or receive your marketing message in both cases.

You can personalize conversations on WhatsApp:

One-on-one interactions allow your company to cater to your customers’ specific interests and needs. This increases the relevance and authenticity of your message.

A diverse feature set for a variety of marketing needs:

Aside from personalized messaging, WhatsApp provides a plethora of features for marketers to take advantage of.

Groups bring like-minded people together to share ideas and opinions.

Broadcast is a feature that allows you to send a message to the people on your broadcast list.

Status can be used to create short videos for product demonstrations and to share customer feedback.

Sharing links to your products or services, PDFs or docs as case studies, video product demonstrations, audio files informing customers, or how-can to’s all help to inform and engage audiences.

WhatsApp Business API for various organizational needs: 

WhatsApp Business applications allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to create business profiles, share websites, open hours, contact information, and automate welcome and away messages for free.

WhatsApp is free: 

Unless you use the Business API or integrate third-party chatbots, WhatsApp marketing is free. This platform’s unique selling point is that it is a free medium with a variety of features, a large and engaged user base, the ability to share content in multiple media formats, and the ability to connect with customers seamlessly.

Customer service for a better customer experience: 

Incorporating customer service into your WhatsApp marketing strategy can aid in the creation of exceptional customer experiences. Chat can be used to resolve customer queries, provide product and delivery tracking updates, reach out to customers via voice calls, and integrate chatbots for a more seamless shopping experience.

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