Super Tips to Get Buysellads Approval for Your Site

Have you ever heard the name of Buysellads? It is very famous and one of the best alternatives of Adsense. It is not like typical advertising companies. It has a very different concept than adsense,chitika and others. In Buysellads, Approved publishers are listed in a page at which advertisers find with their specific keywords (niche) and select perfect blog to show their ads. Publishers create their ad spaces and set prices monthly. If an advertiser think that it is perfect for him, then, he pays in advance for that and after a month publisher removes the ads to get a new one. With the help of Buysellads you can make good money. Generally, Buysellads allows the publisher & advertiser different types of ad spaces like (125 x 125, 300 x 250, 336 x 280, 728 x 90) etc.

Necessary Requirements to Get Approval for Buysellads:

  1. Age of Your Site: Age of your website or blog should be minimum 6 months. Never apply for buysellads just after a few days of building a new blog. Wait and keep patients till 6 months gone.
  2. Top Level Domain: Buysellads will never accept your blog if you do not have top level domain like .com, .net. .co, .org etc for your blog. Never apply with sub- domains or free domains like,, etc. Purchase a top level domain and apply with that.
  3. Traffic Level: You must have sufficient traffic before applying. Never apply if you have less than 50000 monthly page views or 150K impressions.
  4. Language of your blog: Your blog language must be English to get approval of buysellads. It does not allow other languages now.
  5. Good Alexa Ranking: Before applying for Buysellads, you should have less than 100000 alexa rank. Check your alexa rank and increase your alexa rank

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  1. Unique contents: If you do not have unique contents, you will never get buysellads approval. So, you must have unique contents.

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  1. Illegal content/Media: Buysellads will decline your application if your blog contains adult or illegal contents and elements.
  2. Theme of Your Blog/Site: Your Blog/website should have well looked theme. Try to useproper color, Header, Sidebars, footers and ad spaces in your blog by which you can get approval easily.
  3. Right Niche: Buysellads is currently accept Technology/WebDesign/Tourism/Freelancing niche. So try to develop a blog with one of those niche to get buysellads approval.
  4. Removal of other ads: If your site is displaying other ads like Google adsense and alternatives, remove them first before apply. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.
  5. Update your Blog Regularly: Try to Update your blog regularly. Try to make at least one post with a schedule like daily/weekly but should be regularly.

Other Tips to Get Approval of BuySellAds:

1) Increase your site’s Alexa rank
2) Increase Your Site’s Google page rank
3) Try Sell your ad spaces with minimum rates in the first time
4) If your application have been declined once, Apply again but not before solved the problem for which Buysellads declined you.

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