The best way to iron clothes!

Many people are not waiting for ironing: especially shirts. Some lucky lions have house cleaners, for whom they wipe and iron. All that was left was to fight or iron it will help.

The industry knows how frustrating ironing can be and is ready to help. Shaking, closed ironing board instead of hard tables. These days the boards are made of iron. There are several ways to connect a socket.

A large amount of steam iron and products means that weak work can sometimes fly, but in the end you really have to put in the iron – whether you like it or not!

So how do you iron clothes? Well, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. Cleaners are placed in front of the socket, and the wide end is placed under the wrist (in case of departure, left to right, right to right). The board made your curls more comfortable.

It is better to iron quickly after digging, but it is not always practical. Small cleaning tip: Sprinkle a little water on the wavy surfaces and leave them in a plastic bag for 30 minutes or more. By removing a small amount of it, the iron gets relief due to low humidity.

There is nothing better than a pair of irons to get the best clothes. Add filtered or distilled water to the “maximum” line of the iron tank. Calculated water thickens your iron and prevents steam from working properly. Worst of all, calcined iron will scratch the surface of your clean clothes.

First turn on the ironing (back to base!) And warm it to the right temperature for your shirt – check the label! Enjoy Cleanser Clever: If you have a few coats of iron, first heat the iron to the desired cold surface (synthetic coat) and increase the heat as you go. Cotton shirts need the warmest temperature.

Take off your shirt and roll up your black shirt – it was shining from the outside.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Most professional cleaners consider ironing their work from the top to the bottom of the shirt.

Put it inside, or on the board. Iron from points to center; Do the same on the other side. Bend your neck below the line you are wearing – then it will fit very tightly around your neck.

The next shoulder bag is a cloth that is spread over your shoulders! – Iron from the back to the middle of the shoulder; Fold the shirt and press on the other shoulder.

First iron inside the cafe and then outside.

Follow the stitches to straighten the shirt with your hands before running on the iron for your guidance. Once the hat is open, press the shirt up, level your hands before the iron enters it – don’t iron your hands!

If one side of the shirt is ironed, the other side is more comfortable. Turn it over and repeat. Iron on the iron shoulder is fine. If you need cream and have a light shirt ironed out, jump for a moment to bend over the iron bend.

Do the same with other clothes.

It’s over now – you’re there!

Place a front panel on the narrow edge of the cast iron board. If you have pockets, arrange them first. Even if you are nearing the end, do not rush – quick cleaning will create new waves, which will be difficult to get out of.

Work from the bottom of the shirt to the collar and click on the seam. Explain around the buttons before moving on to the other front panel.

Excited, lift your shirt, place the largest, last part of the shirt on your back, and remove the other parts of the shirt. Do not iron in any large crystals as you want to remove them.

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