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SubhanAllah! The above video shows the largest Quran Sharif of world. Watch and share it with others.

The Russian republic of Tatarstan displayed the worlds’ biggest Quran Sharif. It was unveiled in Kazan (the capital) of the Tatarstan. This Quran weighs a stunning 800 kilograms (1763 lbs) of which 120 kilograms (264 lbs) are of the frame cover alone. The Quran is 1500mm by 2000 mm, and 3000mm by 2000mm if unfolded. This cover is tinseled with gold and silver and embellished with malachite, jasper and phianites.

Video of the Largest Quran Sharif

The worlds’ largest Quran Sharif has been placed in the hall of Qolsharif Mosque. Very soon, it will be transferred to Bolgary in today’s Tatarstan and will be placed on the commemorative stone that was established in honor of accepting Islam as the state religion of Volga Bulgaria in 922.

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