Thomasville Furniture – The US Famous Modern Home Furniture Brand

Thomasville furniture company started their business in 1904. At first, they only made chairs. Now, after a century, this company produces home furniture, accessories and other various types of furniture. Thomasville furniture company evolved according to the modern fashion trends. They manufacture and put on the market all kinds of furniture ranging from normal classic furniture to modern home furniture.

At first, Thomasville furniture company began their business in Thomasville, North Carolina. They have more than 150 stores in all over United States. They also have 144 gallery stores and 400 retail outlets. Thomasville furniture company’s address is 401 East Main Street Thomasville, North Carolina 27360 U.S.A. their contact number is: (336) 472-4000

Thomasville furniture company is the fourth most famous modern home furniture brand in USA.  For their unique products and reliable quality, customers have a great demand for their products.

Thomasville furniture manufacturing company’s main products are Fabric sofa, Leather sofa, Sleeper sofa, cocktail & coffee tables, end tables, lamp tables, sofa tables, fabric & leather chair, leather recliner , media consoles, curio cabinets, fabric sectionals, leather sectionals, fabric ottomans, leather ottomans, dining table, dining arm chair, dining side chair, china cabinets, buffets, servers, sideboards, beds, dressers, chests, nightstands, mirrors, bachelor chests, mattresses, computer desk, executive desk, writing desk, bookcase etc.

Thomasville furniture company mainly manufactures modern living room furniture, modern dining room furniture, office furniture, entertainment furniture, cabinetry furniture, modern home furniture etc.

Thomasville furniture company is doing their business for more than a century. The active and flexible spirit allowed them to raise their business and maintain their positing as a business leader. They present a selection of 1000 fabrics to choose from. All of their stores are self-owned. All of their employees are well trained and very much helpful. Their products are planned by the top class designers. They have a fast home delivery system. As a result, clients can buy and get their manufactured goods at home. They talk in the language of fashion.

Thomasville furniture company still has some chances to amplify their business. They can open stores and showrooms in rising and non-rising countries too. They can make dealership allies from whole world. They can pace up their shipping system. They can open retail outlets in other continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.  They can be more accommodating and sociable with the customers.

Thomasville furniture company has three primary factories which are located in Troutman, Hickory and Conover counties. They also got an additional three hold up factories for upholstery. They have 150 stores and 400 retail outlets. One factory can make somewhere between $180-200,000 dollars worth of a day with around 280 workers.

Thomasville furniture company’s main raw materials are lumber and layer. They also use precious stone, metals, glass and many other natural materials they also use chemical solution as a cover.

Thomasville furniture company’s best selling products are Ashby sleeper sofa, Barcelona settee, Calgary sofa, Carina sofa, bibbiano trestle dining table, Barkley panel bed etc.

The main specialty of Thomasville furniture manufacturing company’s products are they are well planned, refined, striking, nicely ornamented, strong, can bear heavy load and they are perfect for home and office

Thomasville furniture company finishes their product with a perfect touch.  They use automated lacquering system.  You can buy more furniture of Thomasville Brand from this site.

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