Tips to Get Approved Adsense Account Through

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Goggle Adsense is a golden deer to all bloggers. Every bloggers have a great interest on Google Adsense. But it is very difficult to get an approved adsense account. But, if you can follow some tips and tricks, you can get approved adsense account easily. There are a lot of tips and tricks to get approved adsense account. Today I will share you a tricks and tips to get an approved adsense account. You might have known that there are some web 2.0 sites by which you can get your Golden Deer (Approved Adsense Account). Among them Hubpages, webly, Squidoo, Docstoc, Xomba, Webanswers, Youtube are remarkable. They are often called Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites.

Today, I will discuss on site about how to open an account in this site and how to get approved adsense account through this site.

How to open an account in is a Google Adsense Revenue sharing site. Actually it is a question and answer posting site. Somebody post some questions and others give answers through this site.  Generally, in site, nobody can open an account except USA/UK/Canada citizen. If you want to open an account in, follow the following steps (Don’t be worried if you are from other country):
1)     At first click on the following link to open an account in webanswers
2)     Next, click on this link: WebAnswers to register.
3)   In the registration window, fill up all informations (Your first name, last name, email address, verify email address, your password etc.). And, the important one is selecting your country. In the country field, select USA/UK/Canada as your country. Never select other than USA/UK/Canada.
4)    Then, click on CREATE ACCOUNT tab. After that, you will see a message that “Your account has been approved”, login into by using your user email and password. But before login to this site, you have to verify your account from the link sent by in your email address (that you have used during registration)
5)   If you do not see the message that “Your account has been approved”, you have to use USA/UK Proxy internet connection during registration and fill up all information again in those fields. (But use different email address)
6)    In this way, your webanswers account has been done.
After creating your account, login to this site and start giving answers of the posted questions.

How to Create Adsense Account from

Since is a google adsense revenue sharing site, you must create a new google adsense account or synchronize your existing adsense account to earn money from this site. To create a new Google Adsense account through, you have to give minimum 50 answers at first. Without giving minimum 50 answers of the questions (posted in this site), you cannot see any tab or option to create Google Adsense Account. After giving minimum 50 answers in this site, you will see a tab “CREATE ACCOUNT” for creating a new Google Adsense account from this link.
If you have given minimum 50 answers, you will be received a request email from to create a new google adsense account with a link url. Click on that URL to create a new adsense account.
After that fill up the Google Adsense Applcation formcorrectly and then apply.  But remember that, during apply for adsense account you must fill your actual country and address (Not USA/UK/Canada).
After 2-6 hours, you will be notified from Google Adsense whether you have been approved for adsense or not. In most cases, your Google Adsense Account will be approved, if you have not done any big mistake.
Happy Cheers !!!!  Earn money through Google Adsense.

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