Top 10 Brand Furniture Companies in the UK in 2021

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Here is the list of TOP 10 Furniture Brands in the UK:


 Chapel Street is a famous and old English furniture brand, it is on the top of the list of top 10 brand furniture companies in UK. It is very popular for customized furniture. It is all about the custom-made product and most of their furniture is hand-crafted/hand-carved. It provides a variety of furniture so that anyone can complete their interior designing of home décor under the one roof of Chapel Street. To implement your small living room decorating ideas excellently and Optimizely, CHAPEL Street is the best choice for you and it is your right selection, I will say.

(Top 10 Brand Furniture Companies)DECORUS:

Decorus is one of the top furniture brands in the United Kingdom which is mainly famous for producing stylish furniture as per small bedroom, dining room, or living decorating ideas. Decorus mainly attracts both interior designers and architects to apply their home improvement ideas. You can take ready-made or customized products according to large or small living room decoration ideas and your special choice. Most of their designs and collections are slim – slender-legged.

Photo Credit: Decorus

(Top 10 Brand Furniture Companies)DAVIDSON LONDON:

UK famous brand “Davidson London” launched their journey in 1986, and it is their family-owned business. It was founded by Richard Davidson and their business now has been kept on the top of the furniture business in UK. This furniture brand always has an essence of British heritage. They have classic British design and the make according to customers’ wants and needs. They provide all types of furniture including bar tables, games tables, nightstands.


FBC London is one of the luxurious and best furniture brands within the UK. Here are a couple of reasons why it’s famous so, 24-carat gold surfaces, artistic figures, and a variety of sublime stones for its furniture. FBC London may be a newcomer to the English furniture business. The mesmerizing quality of this brand is its luxurious finishes that stand call at the space. Its book of textures has got to be one of the foremost exciting aspects of the planning process. Lustrous glass with gold foil, walnut burr, pink onyx, and almost 20 different special finishing are fascinating.

The brand is established by the award-winning designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell in 2013. She assumes that nature is her greatest muse, which we will evidence in her collection that showcases her inspiration from recent past centuries. Many of its designs are hand-made in England by a trained team of artisans.


Hyde House has opened its gates a few decades ago for British furniture at its best. The Hyde home is one among the simplest brands for bespoke products for interior designing. Unlike other companies, it’s also famous for specially customized cabinetry. Furniture joinery is at the workshop in Herefordshire. Hyde House offers that you simply also can choose non-customizable products. It also provides options within the size and finishing of materials. Hyde home is not only a standard woodwork specialist, but we also employ modern equipment to make your favorite designs. The name of the system is RESINATE. this technique is designed for creating individual designs and finishes for coffee tables and headboards etc.


Loom, a furniture brand, but many of us confuse it with a clothing brand. it’s one of the creative brands within the UK. it’s based in Bristol, UK. This brand is within the UK and is known for its metalwork with timber. This contrast of metal and wood is appealing for everybody who is checking out furniture for interior design. The designs of Loam are extremely creative, elegant, and lively. as an example, Abstract metallic panels in brass and copper, pebble-shaped tabletops are fascinating. It also offers custom-made and ready-made products.


In 1994, Katie Walker launched her design studio. She isn’t famous for brand spanking new trends and fashions, but she led by the simplicity in its design and furniture. She crafts visually simple and well-balanced designs that are the sweetness of her designs. there’s a trained and skilled team in several workshops of Katie Walker furniture across the United Kingdom and spread across the boundaries.
She heads his company by crafting simple, pure and balanced designs. within the last 20 years, many awards have recognized his work.

(Top 10 Brand Furniture Companies)PERKINS & MORLEY:

The unique charisma of Perkins and Morley is to style the furniture influenced by wildlife, nature, and therefore the environment. it’s designed & manufactured within the UK. Because most furniture is employed outside, they design and manufacture it in such how that it can withstand extreme weather. It includes deckchairs and outdoor stools with their fabrics.
For Instance, the deckchair frame is oiled with Merpauh wood that ensures a durable print and weather protection. it’s for peacefully relaxing within the yard or garden.


In the family-run business of furniture “British Beds Direct” has been designing and manufacturing the beds, couches, headboards, and differing types of mattresses of your choices and dreams within the workshop of West Bromwich.
This brand offers their ready-made-hand-made or customize products of your choice. British Beds Direct provides high-quality beds with an easy process of ordering and delivery.

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