Top 5 Splendor Goal Forever !

Football is the game of goal. In every match, you can see some goals. But all goals are not same. Some goals are extra ordinary or splendor (eye catching). Sometimes, you might tell yourself how this goal be possible. A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a splendor goal. Let us see top 5 goals of like this.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Incredible Goal against Valencia:

Ronaldo scored a great goal against Valencia Football Team last week. As a result, Real Madrid avoided the defeat. And, Ronaldo scored 50 goals in the season. But, important matter is the splender goal of Ronaldo. Ronaldo scored a strange goal against Valencia. See that goal from the following video.

Backheel Goal of Gianfranco Zola:

Italian Forward Gianfranco Zola scored an wonderful goal in FA Cup 2012. He scored that goal with his backheel. In that match, Chelsi won by 4 goals. That goal still is a history. Let us see that Goal of Zola.

Hand of God Goal of Maradona in 1986:

Most probably it is one of the most Controversial Goal of the World Cup Football History. In 1986 World Cup Football, Maradona scored that Controversial Goal against England in the quarter final and defeat England. Maradona scored that Controversial Goal by making an Idiot to Peter Shilton , Goal Keeper of England World Cup Football Team. Maradona called the goal as Goal by Hand of God. Let us see that Goal by Hand of Maradona.

Goal From Midfield of Devid Beckham:

Devid Beckham, the former captain of England National Football team scored a goal from the midfield 1996-97 period and it was the long distant goal of the world history. Let us see the David Beckham Halfway Line Goal.

Van Basten Super Volley

In 1988, Holland and Russia faced together in Euro Cup Football Final. During 54 minutes, Marco Van Basten scored an wonderful goal through Super volley. You cannot imagine if you do not see the video. Let us see:

Another Few Goals:

Chicharito Incredible Backheader Goal
David Beckham Halfway Line Goal
LONG HEADER GOAL by jone samuelsen
Cristiano Ronaldo’s bullet header Goal

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