The Top 5 Blog Marketing Tools Which You’ll Ever Need

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Blog marketing is not a rocket science and could be achieved with ease if you provide work with proper tools. Blog marketing is nothing but a content marketing. Content marketing helps to facilitate your blog to get into the eyes of millions of people. But it depends up to your efforts level.

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You need Blog Marketing Tools but Why ?

The blog marketing tools would make your blogging life simple and pleasant. Go through the following blog marketing tools and use them for your blog marketing to enhance visitor.


Visit Facebook Promoted Post site

Do you have money and want to spend for your blog marketing? Facebook might have a good solution to you. Facebook advertising could boost the reach of your blog posts to the massive people online across the whole world or your targeted countries. By making a feature on the newsfeed of your blog post of targeted people across its worldwide network, you can do your blog marketing through facebook.. It’s a pay-for-post system through which you can reach out to both fans and non-fans people of the world.


Visit Tweriod Website

Tweriod is the most innovative Twitter tool for promoting your posts on Twitter competently. Tweriod find out the best time to publish your post or updates on twitter with wide reports and auto-scheduling of posts. This is actually a free tool for all accounts with a 1000 followers. It you have more followers, you may go their Premium package.

Visit Site is abig platform which allows people to establish their important contents and distribute them to the different social media profiles. This blog marketing tool makes you more efficient and productive. can synchronize your content, your RSS feeds and your social media accounts all instantly.


Visit Hootsuite Site

Hootsuite is a well known free blog marketing tool. It is a big player in the field of social media marketing. Hootsuite tool also allows scheduling of your contents over a extensive range of social media services. Really, the Hootsuite is the best tool for managing connections with your fans and followers.


Visit Triberr Website

Generally, Triberr lets you to join tribes of bloggers of your niche. Once you join a tribe, your content goes across the network of hundreds to thousands of triberrs instantly. This is the biggest advantage of triberr.

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