Top Selling Bed of Hatil Furniture

Hatil Furniture is the number one wooden furniture brand in Bangladesh. Considering quality and contemporary design, Hatil is unique in Bangladesh. Hatil has strong own design team as well as foreign designer also. All most all of their design are exclusive and unique. Otobi, Partex and Akhter furniture are also trying to defeat Hatil Furniture in contemporary furniture designing. Hatil Furniture Bangladesh is also exporting their contemporary furniture to Japan as well as to some European Countries. Before telling about top selling bed of Hatil Furniture Bangladesh, let us see the key strength or main strength of Hatil Furniture Company.

Key Strength of Hatil Furniture:

  • Hatil Furniture uses only Red Oak Wood and Red Oak Veneered MDF in their all furniture.
  • Hatil’s Design is unique, contemporary and excellent in finishing.
  • Hatil has UV Lacquering line which is their great strength on finishing

Top Selling Bed of Hatil Furniture:

There are a numerous designs of popular bed in Hatil Furniture Bangladesh. Among them following five beds are very popular to the customer as well as best seller.

       1. Hatil Bed Model: HCL-205-135-2-1-88

       2. Hatil Bed Model: HCL-205-102-2-1-77

       3. Hatil Bed Model: HCL-205-118-2-1-77

       4. Hatil Bed Model: HCL-205-146-2-B-88

       5. Hatil Bed Model: HCL-205-107-2-1-77

       6. Hatil Bed Model: HCL-205-139-2-1-88


Specifications of Top Selling Hatil Bed:

  • Head Part and Leg part are made of Red Oak Wood and Red oak Veneered MDF Board.
  • Side Links (Haisha) are made of 150mm width Red Oak Veneered MDF Board.
  • Horizontal part (Pataton of Bed) is made of 18mm commercial plywood.
  • There are two MS links to support horizontal part of this bed. One link is called “Dasha of Bed” or “Middle Haisha” and other link is called “Cross link”. Middle Haisha is used to support horizontal part (Pataton) of this bed and cross link is used as a tie between two side links.

These  all beds have three color options – Natural, Antique and Dark.

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