Track and Field 2 Flash Games

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The Track and Field II the game which had been very popular on the NES in 1988. Track and Field II was recognized in Japan as Konamik Sports in Seoul. You may play fencing, hurdles or swimming.

Table of Contents

Track and Field 2 Flash Games: Introduction

Developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, Track and Field 2 is a sequel to the famous Track and Field. Popularly known as “Konamik Sports in Seoul” in Japan, Track and Field 2 is ranked as one of the best classic sports games ever developed or released. It would not be wrong to state that this game laid the foundation and basis for the many sports games that were later to follow in various other consoles.

As mentioned above, Track and Field 2 is a follow up of the previous Olympic styled game, “Track and Field”, which was also released by Konami in the year of 1983. This original version was built and designed to be played on the big arcade machines which consisted of a joystick and a couple of buttons. The faster the player hit these buttons, the faster the character would run. The second part of this game finally allowed the game to be extended from the arcade machines onto the peoples’ homes, offering better graphics, better gameplay, and more importantly, more Olympic games. Also, this game inserted the added feature of allowing the player to choose which country to represent, infusing in him a sense of realism and practicality. With the game shifting from the arcade machines onto other consoles, the players no longer had to vigorously hit the buttons in order for the character to build speed; the speed was controlled by the direction arrows.

Track and Field 2: Games Play

Track and Field 2 consists of three gaming modes:

  1. Training mode which allows the player to train and get accustomed to the gaming methods
  2. Olympic mode is the story mode where the player chooses a particular country and competes in the tournament
  3. Versus mode where two players go head-to-head in the chosen sporting event

Track and Field 2: How To Play


  • A = Hit Up
  • S = Hit Down
  • D = Block
  • Arrow keys = Move


  • Right Navigation Key = Move Forward
  • M = Sprint


  • K = start swimming
  • Up key = build up speed
  • X = pull in Oxygen
  • Navigation keys = walk


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