Tubular Metal Furniture Manufacturing Process

Furniture is fashionable goods in human life. A person has different choices about furniture. Somebody chooses Wooden Furniture, somebody panel furniture, somebody metal furniture, somebody cane furniture etc.  Again, all furniture cannot be used in same area like office, home, hospital, garden etc. Wooden furniture can be used as your home furniture; panel furniture can be used as your office furniture. But tubular furniture can be used for several places like home furniture, garden furniture, hospital furniture, office furniture.  Tubular metal furniture manufacturing process is very easy if you follow the following process.

  • At first, cut the tubular metal like MS Tube or SS Tube into your required sizes with the help of Cut-Off Saw or Abrasive Cutters. You can make the required sizes from the design that you want to make.
  • After cutting the tubes into required sizes, grind the sharp edges or ends with the help of Grinders.
  • Next, Bend the sized Tube according to your required angle with the help of Manual or Auto Tube Bender, if you need.
  • Next, join all sized tube parts together or with sheet/plate as per your required design with the help of welding machine (Arc/MIG/TIG welding machine)
  • Next, grind on the welded surface with Angle Grinding machine to get better finished surface for painting.
  • Next, perform surface treatment process on tubular product with surface treatment chemical like Zinc Phosphate or Phosphating chemicals. Phosphating chemical is a mixture of several chemicals & phosphating process is a combination of several steps. After that, dry with the help of heater.
  • Next, apply paint on tubular product as per your requirement. You can apply different color (say, black, golden. Silver, etc) whichever you prefer. You can apply powder coating or stoving paint whichever you prefer or what your customers ask for.
  • Then, you have to dry or cure the applied paint with heater or oven at 200-220 degree C.
  • Next, you have to do final assembly if required.
  • Finally, wrap with the packaging material and send it to the warehouse or store

Your job is done. Tubular furniture is manufactured and tubular furniture manufacturing process is ended. This is a way of manufacturing tubular furniture. But there are many other ways for making tubular furniture.

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