Types of Furniture Manufacturing Based on Uses Field

Since furniture is fashionable goods, people wants to choose themselves for their required field. Moreover, all furniture cannot be used in all places. That is why, furniture has been categorized based on uses field also. Furniture Manufacturing industries have been developed also based on uses field. Generally, one furniture manufacturing company does not manufacture all types of furniture. The top level furniture manufacturing companies (Like Ikea, Kinwai etc.) manufacture furniture based on category and uses field. Considering uses field, furniture manufacturing has been classified into several groups. They are as follows:

1.      Living Room Furniture Manufacturing:

Generally, manufacturing of Bed, Night Stand, Dressing Table, Cupboard, Chest of Drawer etc is called Living Room Furniture Manufacturing. Every family needs living room furniture to decorate their room. Most of the Furniture Manufacturing Company emphasizes and produces living room furniture as it has huge demand in the market.

2.      Office Room Furniture Manufacturing:

All large Furniture Manufacturing companies, normally, manufacture Office Room Furniture for official use. There is no office which does not use any office furniture in his office. It is almost mandatory for him. For an office, he may need at least one table and three chairs (one for himself and two others for visitors/guests).

3.      Dining Room Furniture Manufacturing:

Every Family needs at least one dining set for his house. Considering this true idea, most of the furniture manufacturing companies produce dining room furniture. It is a profitable business as there is a huge demand for dining table and dining chairs. All restaurants use dining sets in a big quantity. Normally, 4 seated, 6 seated & 8 Seated dining sets are commonly manufactured all over the world.

4.      Drawing Room Furniture Manufacturing:

Mid level, Upper Mid Level and rich family has at least one drawing room in their apartment or home. It is common criteria. And, for their drawing room, at least one set sofa is mandatory as his drawing room furniture. It may be five seated, or six seated whatever that. Many furniture manufacturing companies produces drawing room furniture. They produce covered sofa/upholstery sofa, Danish sofa etc as their drawing room furniture.

Based on uses area, these above four types of furniture manufacturing are very common in all over the world. Other than that, there is another few types of furniture are manufactured by furniture manufacturing company. They are:

  • Bathroom Furniture

  • Kitchen Room Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Hospital Furniture

  • Restaurant Furniture and so on

I have tried to introduce various types of furniture manufacturing in the world. In spite of my introduction about various types of furniture manufacturing, there may be few left. I am sorry for that. If you want, you can suggest me through putting comments in this post.

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