Types of Furniture Manufacturing Based on Base Material

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Furniture Manufacturing is a challenging job. There are a number of furniture varieties in the world.  It is not consumer durable goods. It is fashionable goods like garments. As it is fashionable goods, people have their own tastes. They want to choose themselves according to their requirement. That is why, you cannot control them but customer may control you. They guide about you which type of furniture you should manufacture. Customer is the king in this sense. It has several categories based on several parameters. Considering their base material, furniture manufacturing has been classified into 5 principle groups.

Types of Furniture Manufacturing:

  • Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Wooden Furniture means those furniture which are made of Solid Timber and Mixed with Timber. All time, you cannot manufacture wooden furniture with solid wood, but, sometimes, you have to mix with Veneer board also in case of Flat Panel Furniture like Cupboard, Chest of Drawer etc.
Solid Wooden Furniture
Solid Wooden Furniture
  • MDF Furniture Manufacturing: Mainly, MDF furniture is made of MDF Board (Medium Density Fiber). MDF Furniture Manufacturing is of two types. One is made of Veneered MDF Board (Veneer Laminated MDF Board) and another is made of Plain MDF Board. Between the two types of furniture manufacturing, Veneered MDF Furniture Manufacturing is better, considering strength and durability. And it is costly than Plain MDF Furniture Manufacturing.

MDF Board Furniture

  • Melamine Board Furniture: In furniture manufacturing field, Melamine Board Furniture is very popular now. Melamine Board Furniture Manufacturing is easy and time effective. Within very short period, you can manufacture Melamine Board Furniture.
  • Sheet Metal Furniture: You could get idea from its name. Sheet Metal Furniture means that furniture which is made of Sheet Metal. Say, an example, Steel Cupboard, Steel File Cabinet, Steel Locker etc. Sheet Metal Furniture Manufacturing is not easy. For sheet metal furniture manufacturing, skilled technician regarding this field is mandatory.
Sheet Metal Furniture
Sheet Metal Furniture
  • Upholstery Furniture: Upholstery furniture means that furniture which has upholstery, say, Chair, Sofa etc. Upholstery furniture manufacturing mostly depends on skilled technician also.
Upholstery Furniture
Upholstery Furniture

Other than above types, there may be other types of furniture in the furniture manufacturing world. In my next post, I will describe you about types of furniture manufacturing based on uses field.

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