Various Ways of Wood Bending for Furniture Manufacturing

From a long period ago, wood bending is one of the important methods used in the wood processing. Wood bendingis particularly special but not actually a difficult technique. Some of the classic examples of wood bending are boat, barrel and container. In Western Europe, this technique has been being used for a long instance in furniture manufacturing such as the High Back Chair and Swivel Chair.

At present, wood bending process is widely used in Asia also. A lot of Asian furniture manufacturing industries are using different types of wood bending techniques. Sometimes, they keep it secret about how to bend efficiently and perfectly. In China, there are few furniture manufacturing companies available who are producing wooden chairs, TV cabinet, Table, Bed, Center Table etc. by using bent wood and exporting them to Europe and America.

In Bangladesh, Hatil is playing with Bend Wood to make some exclusive furniture and they are exporting them into Europe also. Actually, Bent wood furniture looks very beautiful and these are very exclusive to the high fashionable people.

In Japan, their method of wood bending was to put the wood directly into the pot, then, place a cover on it, and after steaming it for a short time they just press it to the desired shape. Basically, we can tell that the wood bending technique is an easy thing.

In the present world, wood bending is one of the techniques which are very necessary in the furniture manufacturing and also in its design strategy.

Types of Wood Bending Process

There are a lot of wood bending methods in the furniture manufacturing world. Wood bending is not only used in furniture manufacturing industry but also used in boat manufacturing field. Important wood bending methods are as follows:

  1. Veneer Wood Bending Method

  2. Kerfing Wood Bending for Solid Wood

  3. Solid Wood Bending Using Chemical Treatment

  4. Compression Bending for Solid Wood

  5. Cold Method of Solid Wood Bending

  6. Hot Method of Solid Wood Bending

  7. Wood Bending with Micro Wave Heating

  8. Wood Bending Steaming Method

We will try to discuss on above Ways of Wood Bending for Furniture in a series discussion. Stay with us!

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