Veneer Wood Bending Method

Veneer Wood Bending Method-Laminated Bending

Veneer Wood Bending Method is a popular woodbending method in the world. It is also known as Laminating Wood Bending Method. It is the easiest wood bending method. In this method, you need some sized wood veneer, glue, template/mold and some clamps.

  1. At first, take some sized wood veneers. Veneers should be in same sizes. If it is not in same sizes, cut them with the help of cut off saw or other sawing machine (Like Jig Saw).
  2. Apply glue on those veneers on one side and Keep those veneers one upon another.
  3. Put them on a mold or on a template. Template may be made of Wood or Metal Plate.
  4. Fix them with the help of Clamps. Tight them properly so that veneer cannot be straight.
  5. Keep them for about 8-12 hours if it is cold pressing process, (otherwise, keep them for 15-20 minutes if it is hot pressing process).
  6. Your job is done. After 12 hours, remove all clamps and see the magic, the wood veneers has been shaped to a bent wood.

veneer wood bending

It is extensively used in the manufacturing of chair shell for the mass production. In Veneer Wood bending, comparatively thin wood veneer is chosen so that it can be bent easily. Normally, between 1mm to 5mm thick wood veneer is used depends on its curvature. For mass production, the ready-made wood veneer is widely used for veneer wood bending. Regarding the template, it is better to make both the male template and the female template. After getting bent into a definite shape, there is no possibility of spring back to the veneer wood again. But it is very important to dry properly before removing it from the template. Mainly, if the drying process is accomplished cautiously/carefully after applying the glue to the veneer wood, there would not be chance to spring back again. But, if it is removed from the mold/template too fast, spring back may occur. In this veneer wood bending process, sometimes you may see small crack along the grain.

In this case where you will see a gap between the wood veneer layers saw dust may be applied to that place and super glue may be applied to join it.

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