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Website speed booster।।How to increase the website speed in 2021

Hey! guys Do you want to get traffic to your website? Do you want to earn more money? In this position, you should be optimizing your website speed. You need a Website speed booster. I know that you are finding the best solution to improve user experience and increase website speed. Today, I will give you some quick and simple tips about Website speed booster. in this article, you will know that, How to increase website speed.

At first we are sharing the benefits of website speed optimization

  1. The website will be loaded at a super first speed. It can help to improve user experience
  2. It can help to increase page views
  3. And help with website SEO also.

I want to share my experience, I am using WordPress. I am also trying to speed up my website with w3 total cache and lite speed cache. But anything couldn’t help me to increase the website speed. But Wp rocket is the best solution for me.

Ok don’t worry! Today I will share the full details. And I will give you a short and simple solution for your WordPress site. Before starting the article you must be read: Page Speed Test: How to check the website speed in just 1 click

When you know that, How to test page speed then you can go ahead with me .Follow my tips and tricks carefully.

How to improve user experience:

we all are want’s to improve page experience and page speed .But why ? hit the comment box and type the answer. Ok

In a small word , We want to earn money online using website. that’s why we wants to incease website speed and improve page experience. Page speed is a big matter for ranking on google in 2021.

Look at the below , I am sharing some small tips…

Use a page speed comfortable theme:

You all are know theme is really important for us. You should be choose a best theme for your site. When you are going to purchase a theme, then you should be see the review box. And see the user experience. Once you select a theme for buying. Then mind it , that are you buying a crack theme in cheapest price from a third party site. Make sure It will be speed up your website performance.

Use a Caching plugin for your website:

Caching plugin is a very usefull to page speed boosting. You should be use Wp rocket.

If you want to know how to setup Wp rocket on your wordpress website. Please read this article

Use a Super fast Hosting:

It’s very important for you that, make sure your hosting is super fast. I recommend you Bluehost hosting Service. They have a default and wonderful caching system. Their customer service is so good. because of that WordPress developers are recommending Bluehost. You can read some article about Bluehost:

How to get The Best WordPress Hosting in 2021

Why BlueHost is better for you? best Webhosting in 2021

If you purchase a hosting package using our method,$30 cashback guarantee offer. Don’t miss it.

I assure you that Bluehost is the best hosting provider and speedy hosting. I am currently using this, But I have some guy who uses this. I will migrate my site as soon as possible.

Use Webp Image converter

Download this plugin and compress your image by default.

Use a CDN

You can read this article

How to Set Up Sub Domain under a Main Domain into Cloudflare CDN?

How to connect a Website to Cloudflare Cdn in 2021

That’s all. Don’t upload big files on your WordPress directory. Follow these rules, It will help you 100%. Be careful. Don’t over-optimize.

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