Weight of Teak Wood on Furniture Manufacturing

Teak wood is highly sought after for furniture manufacturing due its enduring qualities. Its weight (importance) is great in furniture manufacturing. It comes in a range of colours starting with golden brown to a darker shade of reddish brown. This allows for the creation of different coloured pieces of furniture that can complement the arrangement of any room.

Teak wood is naturally infused with oils that provide protection against insects. Being a hardwood with medium density it is silky to touch and allows for creating fine quality furniture pieces.  Furniture made from Teak wood has a warm appearance and a pleasant, natural, aromatic fragrance.

Since Teak wood naturally resists rotting, warping and splintering it is ideal for outdoor furniture.  Another quality that makes it well suited for furniture manufacturing is the fact that it resists fluctuations during temperature changes. It is even more temperature neutral during exposure to the long summer sun or winter days than metal or plastic!

 Due to its strength and ability to stand harsh environments, historically ship manufacturers constructed entire boats using Teak wood. It has the ability to outlive even metals and plastics that have been treated with weatherproofing. Properly maintained Teak wood furniture can last over 75 years.  So once an investment in Teak furniture has been made, it can be enjoyed for a life time.

An added benefit of Teak wood is that it is considered to be an eco friendly wood. A deciduous tree, grown in hilly areas of Southeast Asia, it is grown in controlled tree farms. This means natural forests are not destroyed to make furniture.  Making furniture out of Teak wood uses less energy than similar pieces produced from plastic or metal.  Also all waste pieces produced when a piece of furniture is made, like shavings and scraps are sold to be used as fuel. So there is no “waste” as every part of the tree is utilized. Due to all these qualities Teak wood is ideally suited for manufacturing of furniture.

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