What Is Handheld PDA?

A handheld PDA is a device that functions as a mobile information manager. They are available in different versions to perform different functions, e.g. B. as portable barcode scanners and RIFD scanners, which help you to keep track of processes and resources. Due to their diverse functions, they can be used in many areas, including logistics and transport, industrial production, inventory management, trade marketing, warehouse management, order management, asset management, etc.

These lightweight, portable, and compact devices can be conveniently used for a wide variety of tasks, from simple tasks like finding items, checking prices, scanning signatures, analyzing IDs and licenses, to complex tasks like inventory management, etc.

Types of handheld terminals PDA

Some of the different types of portable PDA terminals on the market are briefly described below. You can choose one of them according to your requirement.

1D / 2D scanner

This PDA terminal can be connected to a compatible mobile device via Bluetooth and is immediately ready for use. After pairing with a mobile device, you can use it both as a standalone device and offline by keeping the mobile device in your pocket.

Uhf rfid reader

This portable PDA terminal can be used to improve productivity, customer service and business efficiency as it easily captures codes and tags at a higher speed. This lightweight and compact device can be used to read and write RFID tags and determine the capabilities of touchscreen mobile computing devices.

Rfid reader

Business owners install this portable PDA in their warehouses, retail stores, offices and healthcare facilities for tag reading and complete product information. Entrepreneurs can also use this PDA terminal to convert various types of mobile devices into RFID readers. Some of the rugged, high-performance industrial RFID readers can also help you provide accurate, top-notch tag reading and scanning areas.

Rfid scanner

Some of the universal RFID scanners on the market can use both RFID readers and 1D / 2D barcode scanners. Sometimes they can also be used as handheld or handheld UHF RFID readers.

Mobile computer series

Some companies that make handheld PDA terminals for also make mobile computers that are compatible with different flavors of Windows operating systems. The main advantages of these notebooks are their reliable adaptability and unrivaled performance when using mobile devices in a wide variety of environments.

Fixed RFID readers

You can also find different types of fixed RFID tag readers on the market that can be used for different functions. They can have a solution for all of your tag reading needs. These persistent tag readers can read tags according to their capabilities and configuration. Some are known for their extremely high performance as they can track and move your pallets, items and boxes accurately and quickly using RFID tags. They are also ideal for use in environments with many tags, materials that require high-frequency radiation, and for scanning large amounts of data.

Some of the fixed RFID tag readers have advanced RFID radio technology to read tags faster and more accurately. They work stably even under rough conditions. To make these RFID tag readers more efficient, a new flexible Linux technology is used to interoperate interfaces and tools with open standards, making the deployment of RFID backend and applications faster and easier.

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