What is Lacquering and Polishing

What is Lacquering?

Lacquering is a process of applying coating on wood or wooden furniture. In other words, it is a process of applying coating on wood or wooden furniture with spray gun or other specific modern devices or machinery. There are various types of Lacquer chemical – PU Lacquer, NC Lacquer, AC Lacquer, and UV Lacquer.

Among them, UV is the latest and best and it is more environments friendly. Its productivity is more but investment is also more. Its scratch property is very good. It is mostly applicable for office furniture manufacturing. In Bangladesh, only Hatil furniture is using UV Lacquer. Most of the Bangladeshi furniture manufacturing company like Partex Furniture, Otobi Furniture, Akhter Furnishers, Brothers Furniture, Navana Furniture, Nadia Furniture, Furnitech etc are using PU Lacquer (Polyurethane Based Lacquer). It is also environment friendly lacquer. On the other hand, other Asian furniture companies are using NC Lacquer (Nitro Cellulose based Chemical).

PU Lacquering is a combination of 5 (five) steps coating process – Filler Application, 1st Coat Sealer Application, 2nd Coat Sealer Application, Stain Application and finally, Top Coat Application.

To learn about how to apply PU lacquering, go to the following link:

PU Lacquering Process on Wooden Furniture

What is Polishing?

Polishing is a process of wood varnishing by using hands. In this process, Sprit, Gala, Alamati, Zinc Oxide, Solid color etc are used as polishing chemicals. It is fully used by hands (in some cases, brushes may be used). It is a traditional wood varnishing process. Normally, it gives natural finishes and natural taste. Sometimes, polishing is used after lacquering also for touch up only.

Which is better? Lacquering or Polishing?

It is difficult to say which is better – Lacquering? Polishing? But, according to the furniture manufacturing experts, Lacquering is better for furniture coating (Wood Coating). It is more durable, termite resistant and water resistant. It is modern wood coating method. Appearance of lacquer finished product is more beautiful than Polish varnished product.

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