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What is unified communication as a Service?

UCaaS, or Unified Communication as a Service, is a solution model that is cloud-based and is suitable for all a business’s communications applications. 

This mainly combines tools like video conferencing, email, instant messaging, and some more into a fully-mobile suite that one can access from any device. Unified Communications as a Service has been receiving a lot of attention nowadays.

UCaaS is a particular technology that harnesses cloud-based solutions or services for streamlining enterprise communications. The term “unified communication solutions” refers to a large number of channels businesses need for exchanging information. Some of those are:

  • Chat
  • Voicemail.
  • Email.
  • Telephones.
  • Audio, Web, and Video conferencing.

The part known as “as a service” implies the unique software that can eliminate the requirement for intricate IT infrastructure of full IT staff by enabling enterprises to run their businesses from any place in the world and also at any time. 

However, UCaaS is something more than just an exchange of information. It is also a way to increase efficiency just by increasing one’s ability to utilize faster or instant communication in your business processes. 

Unified Communications as a Service also improves mobility across satellite locations and departments, and it aids in integrating external software consistently and smoothly. 

Differences between Unified Communications as a Service and Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol helps organizations in saving money on voice communications by offering an alternative that a cost-effective alternative to traditional landline phone calls. It needs to be implemented through your ISP or Internet Service Provider with the help of a special adaptor.

However, Unified Communications as a Service offers collaboration tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and some more through an agreement with an enterprise of Unified Communications. 

Thus, VoIP may have been sufficient for enterprises in the past; however, UCaaS is a better fit for organizations presently.

What are the crucial features of Unified Communications as a Service?

Different types of collaboration services regarding communication can be enjoyed through this cloud-based delivery model known as UCaaS. 

Unified Communications as a Service has a lot of crucial features that can easily enhance inter-business or intra-business communications. Some of those amazing features are:

  • Video Conferencing to communicate with remote workers.
  • Instant messaging service for real-time communication.
  • Mobility of the organization through mobile accessibility.
  • Improving customer relationships by analyzing data.
  • Contact center features that enable customers to get assistance through messaging, chat, email, etc.

These unique features of Unified Communications as a Service help in providing business agility and hence, help organizations enjoy inexpensive and real-time communication.

What are the benefits of choosing Unified Communications as a Service?

UCaaS helps organizations in overcoming the challenges of communication by streamlining procedures both externally and internally. So, here are the most important benefits of opting for unified communication solutions. 

  1. Productivity

UCaaS can increase the productivity of any organization by increasing the effectiveness and speed of communication among individuals, departments, and even with customers.

  1. Flexibility

UCaaS enables employees to work in any location; thus, they can work from anywhere and at any time. This eventually increases the flexibility of an organization.

  1. Collaboration

The strong communication tools enable employees to communicate more effectively; this results in a collaborative and positive culture and eventually offers a better customer experience.

Therefore, the use of Unified Communications as a Service is helping numerous organizations to work effectively and eventually offer a better customer experience.

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