What’s new in WP Rocket 3.10?

Here are the most relevant WP Rocket’s enhancements included in this version:

1) New UI for Optimize CSS Delivery
We decided to review our CSS optimization options and build a new UI to merge “Removed Unused CSS” and “Load CSS Asynchronously” under the same parent option: Optimize CSS Delivery. This way, users can achieve the best possible LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) results in the most efficient way.

2) Moving WebP compatibility option
With WP Rocket 3.10, we took the opportunity to clean the interface and decided to move the “WebP Compatibility” option from the “Media” tab to the “Add-ons” tab to allow for more comprehensive use of this feature.


3) Removing Disable Embeds option
Disabling WordPress embeds only has a very limited impact on websites performance since it removes one HTTP request of 1.2 KB in size. With this in mind, we decided to remove the “Disable Embeds” option from the Media tab to make WP Rocket’s user interface even more user-friendly.


4) Changing WordPress requirements
The minimum required WordPress version is now 5.4.

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