Why ePac Flexibles Is the Right Company for Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a popular option for food manufacturers. From printed mylar bags to stand-up pouches, this type of container makes a great impression on customers, especially when companies tailor designs to their needs. In fact, making the switch offers the following benefits.

Excellent Custom Packaging Solutions

Packaging plays a huge role in branding; your products’ container serves as a first impression to consumers. What will someone think about your company from a glance at your packaging? You have the power to tell a story with design elements:

  • Material weight and texture
  • Colors and patterns
  • Words and typeface

The best manufacturers seamlessly combine these aesthetics with function, creating a container that embodies your brand completely.

Effectively Grow Your Business

Customized stand up pouches are a great way to offer more functionality to your customers. For example, snackers love stand-up packaging because they can set the container down, freeing up one hand for gaming, using the computer or reading. It’s also great for people who like to snack on the go.

The more variety you offer consumers, the larger your base will grow. Continue to deliver top-tier quality, and your brand will become a recommendation unto itself.

Solid Protection for Foods and Supplements

Consumers expect their purchases to last as long as possible. The right packaging can facilitate that and even provide greater storage convenience.

For example, many supplements lose potency when exposed to sunlight. Opaque packaging shields them from ultraviolet radiation, ensuring they remain potent for their entire shelf life.

Additionally, some foods have a pungent smell. While consumers may enjoy the scent while snacking, they don’t want it to linger after putting the food away. Airtight containers ensure the smell remains inside the packaging, not filling the pantry.

Sustainably Package Your Products

Sustainability is a huge concern for consumers, and many are willing to drop favorite brands that don’t prioritize environmentalism. Greenwashing won’t solve the problem, as people are more savvy than ever; many feel angry when companies attempt to greenwash, as it seems like an attempt to trick their customer bases.

Instead of talking about how sustainable your company is, walk the walk with flexible packaging. There are plenty of options:

  • Compostable films
  • Post-consumer recycled resin films
  • PCR zippers
  • Recyclable PE-PE films

Digital printing also reduces your carbon footprint by making small and medium runs affordable. Additionally, you can opt for inks without hazardous air pollutants, ensuring your products don’t negatively affect the environment.

Great Way To Save Money

Flexible packaging is lighter than glass and other rigid materials, making shipping cheaper. You can fit more per truck, which means fewer shipments overall. You also don’t have to spend money on padding to keep glass packaging secure during transit. Finally, there’s less risk of broken containers compared to glass, meaning more product sold and less written off.Creating the right custom stand up pouches for your products takes attention to detail, deep knowledge of your audience and willingness to try something new. Fortunately, the right manufacturer can assist with recommendations and a wide range of packaging options. Once you find flexible containers that align with your needs, you may see a major difference in customer response.

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