Why We Will Use Mango Timber for Furniture Manufacturing

Mango Timber is an extremely beautiful medium hardwood. It has become very popular due to its greater sustainability over other popular medium hardwoods such as teak or oak.

History of Mango Timber:

The mango tree is an evergreen tree. It is originated from India and its Latin or Scientific name is Mangifera Indicia. The Mango tree has traveled from India and spread all over the world. Now Mango timber is cultivated across Southeast Asia, Australia and other islands. A medium sized mango timber is grown up to 20 meters high. Mango trees are an extremely long-lived species. It gets life more than 30 years. Once a tree reaches a stage when no mango is found from the tree, it is cut down and replanted. After that the tree is used for beautiful mango wood timber.

Mango Wood is a medium hard & dense timber, although it is far lighter than many other medium hardwoods such as oak & teak. Mango wood shows color properties unlike many other woods. It’s nice texture and grain is often made up of many different colors and tones, ranging from a dark or light green.

Mango Timber trees are vulnerable to fungus in the sapwood which results in a very attractive black color in the woods texture. With this great variety of a mango tree, furniture will look very beautiful in your home or in your kitchen.

This is the fact that mango timber is a medium hardwood and it means that it can be more difficult to manufacture furniture with this timber. But it is not like that. It is certainly strong and durable to be used for any type of furniture manufacturing. Mango timber is water-resistant also.

Popularity of Mango Wood for Furniture:

Hence, it is not surprising that mango timbered furniture is becoming very popular furniture in the world.  Mango Timber grows quickly and it means that it is easier to maintain the demand. As a result, many experts foresee that mango trees and its popularity will be continued to grow.

You know that Mango timber is a sweet timber and it is more possible to attack wood worm on the mango timber very easily. But, if you treat this timber with chemical in modern way (Pressure Treatment way is the modern way of timber treatment), its property fully changes. Then, it becomes similar to Oak timber or Teak timber or more than that. Its life also becomes longer after chemical treatment.

You must use mango timber after proper chemical treatment and seasoning for your furniture manufacturing. Never use mango timber without treatment and seasoning. After proper treatment with chemical, mango wood is called Treated Mango Wood.  Now we can summarize the reasons behind why we will prefer Treated and Seasoned Mango Timber for our furniture manufacturing as follows:

We will use Treated and Seasoned Mango Wood because:

  • It is cheaper than other woods like oak, teak etc.
  • Its life is more than others
  • It is quick growing timber, so demand of timber can be making up with this timber easily.
  • Its texture looks like Teak timber.
  • It is worm and termite protective
  • It can be easily machined, sanded & polished
  • It can be lacquer painted easily.

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