Wonderful City LUXE – A Heritage Hong Kong

If you think Hong Kong Luxe is made of glass and steel, you are deeply mistaken. Of course, the pearl of Asia is bright, but the husk and shell to open the deep riches that shine even brighter.

There’s no better time than the present to the aromatic journey to discover a metropolis that thrives port before their eyes. Seekers enjoy the beauty of sleep; There are many places to steal forty winks.


Authentic lady of Hong Kong, the Mainland (peninsula.com), which reigns in the port of Victoria lookout dream, understated style sky courtesy of André Fu developed by the upper house (www.upperhouse.com) by newcomer boutique in Central, Pottinger Hong Kong (www.thepottinger.com), is set for all.

Once Hong Kong was a city of content to follow the trend. The new confidence in their own taste means that now leads them.


Nowhere is this more evident than in the culinary scene. Hong Kong becomes clearly kitchen headed by chefs protecting homegrown cuisine in new ways.

The former is full of modern minimalism meets the elegant gallery; Recent seductively seduces designated under vaulted ceilings stipulated in Hong Kong born designer Joyce Wang.

And it’s not only brilliant dens for gourmets who come to define the dining landscape of the city.

Many home kitchens appeared, offering a closer look into the consciousness of a gourmet city.

Take That Store (ta-pantry.com). The chef Esther Sham, born in Hong Kong but their education abroad, presented flavors of Asia, America and beyond your area of ​​North Point.

4san diego landscape wallpaper

No serves traditional Cantonese dishes, but puts a person inspired by the city in the evidence.

Food, of course, is modern Hong Kong; architecture narrates its colonial past. Modern trends dictate that the legacy of hot and here to stay, which is good news for some of the most majestic urban structures.

We have already witnessed the revival of the former police married quarters of Aberdeen Street and PMQ (pmq.org.hk) – Center for Independent arty boutiques and restaurants, as well as one of the best events and gallery space around.

Next: Central Station Police (www.centralpolicestation.org.hk), a colossal project oversees the architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron.

This is due to complete until 2016, but fans of local pride, it is not necessary to wait to experience the spirit of self-preservation to make their presence felt as the forgotten old quarters experiencing a revival.

Sai Ying Pun district, and to the west, the east and Tai Wong Chuk Hang hang on the south of the island boasts mailing galleries, popular restaurants and shops.

South side, in particular, an area in transition, and is well worth visiting for its industrial units and exhibition spaces transformed.

Highlights include 3812 projects for Contemporary Art (3812cap.com), dedicated to new talents, and the photo gallery warehouse blind spot (www.blindspotgallery.com).

Finally, reward yourself with a fillet gallery after the club butchers (www.butchersclub.com.hk), to complete the cultural and physical enrichment evening.

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