Wood Bending With Steam Box System

To manufacture a wooden furniture mostly you need straight board or wood and in some cases, you may need bent wood. Bent wood may add exclusiveness and elegance in your furniture project. There are several different ways of wood bending. Among all, Steam wood bending is more advantageous and easy. Let us see how you can bend your wood by using steam.

1.      Prepare for Making a Steam Box:

The steam box may be made of wood i,e, it is one kind of wooden box which you can construct easily to bend wood. It can be made of PVC or any kind of pipe. This steam box needs to have a hole through which you can pass steam from steam generator or boiler.

This steam box needs an exhaust hole so that steam can be blown up during high pressure develop. For better result, create an exit hole toward the ground. It will allow the steam pressure inside the steam box to force the water out of the wooden box.

2.      Set Up Your Required Template (Mold):

The template or form is a mold or shaped holder which receives the steamed wood and when dry, that wood will linger in shape of the template. You may need to grasp the wood to the template (form) with F-clamps. You can make these clamps by yourselves or you can buy them. In parallel with clamp you can make some holes into the form or mold to use long bolts and nuts for tighten the clamp.

Steam Box Wood Bending System

3.      Wet Wood with Steam:

Put your wood into the steam box (to wet them with steam). Then, Seal your wood inside this steam box (steam chamber). After that, start steaming slowly. After an hour (it depends on wood thickness and density), those wood will be ready to bend. For one inch thick of wood you may need to steam one hour.

4.      Remove Wood from Steam Box:

After a certain appropriate time, you can remove your steamed wood from the wooden steam box to put into the form (template or mold).

5.      Put Steamed Wood into the Form:

After removing wood from the steam box, put it into the form (template) immediately (without any delay). For putting wood into the form immediately, you must need to keep your form near of steam box; otherwise, you cannot do that. Tight that wood with necessary clamps, nuts & bolts, and, then, keep them to dry properly.

After drying for about 24 hours, you will see that your wood has become bent enough to use them for your furniture manufacturing project. It is an easy system of wood bending. You can easily use this wood bending system in your factory or residence.

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