World’s Current Top 20 Furniture Company

World’s Top Best 20 Brand Furniture Companies are leading the whole world’s furniture making and selling market. They are the pioneer in the world’s furniture market and they have the great share in the furniture business. Among them American Ashely Furniture, Copeland Furniture, American Signature Furniture, Ikea Furniture, Badcock furniture, Stickley Furniture, Lexington Furniture company are playing significant role. We will discuss briefly about all of 20s.

Ashley Furniture Company:

Ashley Furniture Company is one of the best and leading furniture manufacturing and selling companies at present. They are now dealing with many parts of the world to produce and distribute their furniture to many countries especially in the nearby countries like Canada, Mexico, etc. This is a high-class furniture manufacturing and selling company that working with trained and qualified employees and huge investment.

Copeland Furniture Company:

Copeland Furniture Manufacturing Company is another one of the best furniture manufacturing and selling companies in the world. This furniture company is providing the best quality wood furniture since 1976. The company has grown usually from small town of Bradford, Vermont but now it has become one of the most famous companies for wooden furniture manufacturing. This company starts with more than 100 technicians for producing high quality furniture. It has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate which is rewarded to only few furniture companies.

IKEA Furniture Company:

IKEA Furniture Company started its furniture business from its region in Sweden. They opened their first store with their furniture in Almhult, Smaland in the year of 1958. With their quality and dignity to work, they have reached in a better position in the people’s mind and would be able to carry on their furniture business outside of Sweden as well. They opened their store outside of Sweden in 1963 in Denmark and during 1969 in Norway. During the 1970s, the stores of this famous furniture manufacturing company spread other parts of Europe. IKEA Furniture Company has also opened their brand store in Switzerland and Germany for recovering the demand of their furniture.

Masco Furniture Company:

Masco Furniture Company is another one of the leading furniture production companies in the current time. Alex Manoogian, the citizen of Turkey, founded this furniture company. With his great education level and enterprise, he founded the furniture company. He was the chairperson of this furniture company for more than 67 years. Now, his small company has become a popular and come out in the worldwide market.

American Signature Furniture Company:

American Signature Furniture Company is the leading furniture company which is based on Columbus, Ohio. This furniture company is privately owned by the owner of the company as well as founder. This company is regarded as the parent furniture manufacturing company of Value City Furniture and American Signature Furniture. The brand oriented of this company is American Signature and known it as the manufacturer brand.

Badcock Furniture Company:

Badcock Furniture company is a brand furniture company that mainly manufactures home furniture. Badcock furniture is one of the most top furniture manufacturing companies in the world. It is situated in southeastern USA. In eight states, it has 320 stores across southeastern USA. It is a privately owned furniture company. It was founded in 1904 by Henry S Badcock. Now, its president is Wogan S. Badcock. This furniture making company was listed by ‘Furniture Today’ magazine in the top 25 furniture retailers. It has about 1300 employees.

Baker Furniture Company:

Baker furniture company was started by Seibe Baker and his son Hollis Baker. They dreamt of establishing a furniture company. Today their dream came into authentic.  High quality and original furniture are manufactured by Baker furniture manufacturing company.  The main features of their furniture is they are nicely designed.  Baker furniture manufacturing company is one of the most famous furniture manufacturing companies in USA.

Lane Furniture Company:

Lane Furniture Company is a furniture making company of United States. The main headquarter of the furniture company is situated in United States and run the business. John Lane and his son Ed started the company throughout the country (USA) for selling Lane home furnishings. The vision of this leading furniture company is to supply the best quality products to the customer as well as gaining commercial insight with confidence. The company is originated from D & B, which is the leading business organization of the world in commercial insight. The company is launching their best products from more than 172 years. With high quality furniture and huge capital, the company is now ruling the furniture brand and its quality.

Stickley furniture Company:

Stickley Furniture Company is one of the leading furniture manufacturing companies in the current time in America. Gustav Stickley was the leader and founder of the company and introduced many many new designs of furniture. He brought out the contemporary designs and publisher of the company furniture. Moreover, the founder of this furniture making company is regarded as the chief American Craftsman style during the time of arts and crafts movement.

Herman Miller Furniture Company:

Herman Miller is one of the main furniture manufacturing companies of USA and well known for office furniture and home furnishings. This furniture company is one of the best and top quality furniture making companies of America. This company is well known one among all other furniture companies located in America.

Bright Home Furniture Company:

Bright home furniture company is a focused furniture making company which researches on manufacturing high quality furniture. They have more than 7 years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry. They are very scientific and effective in making furniture. That’s why their furniture is unique and eye-catching. They may deliver their products anywhere in the world. Now they are ready to go to the next level with some amalgamation of international online store.

Kinwai Furniture Company:

Kinwai furniture company is an international furniture manufacturing company. This company mainly designs and manufactures marketable, office, home and upholstered furniture.  They started their business in 1993.  This furniture company is based on 5 branches to center in their business. They are Kinwai International, Kinwai decoration, kinwai Kelly, Kinwai domestic branches, and Kinwai retail.

Thomasville Furniture Company:

Thomasville furniture company started their furniture business in 1904. At first, they made only chairs. Now, after a century, this furniture company produces home furniture, accessories and other various types of furniture. Thomasville furniture manufacturing company evolved according to the modern fashion trends. They make and put on the market all kinds of furniture ranging from normal classic furniture to contemporary furniture.

Bassett Furniture Company:

Bassett furniture company is one of the oldest furniture manufacturing companies in Virgina, USA. They are making hand-crafted furniture for more than a century. Today, Bassett furniture has built a new status of quality tradition furniture which can be completed and distributed in 30 days or less. This furniture company was founded in 1902. J. D. Bassett, Charles C. Bassett, Samuel H. Bassett, and Reed L. Stone were its founder.  They are committed to deliver stylish, unique furniture to the customers.

Century Furniture Company:

Century furniture company is a strong furniture making company which offers much customization in upholstery and case goods. They do extremely well at achieving European style having strong transitional collections.  They began their business in 1947. Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr was the organizer of this company. By his hard efforts, Century furniture has evolved into the most respected name in the home furnishing history. Century furniture manufacturing company provides furniture of crafted luxury and gorgeous design and quality. They also provide legendary service to the customers. Their pledge and loyalty can be seen in every piece of their furniture.

Lexington Furniture Company:

Lexington furniture company is a global manufacturer of quality home furniture. They are also a pioneering furniture industry leader. Their products encompass a wide range of design and fashion. Their products are delivered through self-governing retailers. They began their business in 1903. Lexington furniture making company is one of the most famous companies in furniture making industry. They built a high status for style and design leadership.

Pastoe Furniture Company:

Pastoe Furniture Company is a famous company in the furniture manufacturing world. The company has exclusive collection of furniture. Mr. Frits Loeb is the founder of this company at Rootworm. At first, the company manufactured chair. Subsequently, it started other furniture manufacturing and built a large factory.

Rustic Furniture Company:

Rustic furniture company is a family owned furniture business company. They build solid, powerful and stunning furniture. They are expert in building hand crafted furniture. Rustic Furniture Company started their furniture business in 2004. Now, they have become one of the leading furniture companies in eastern United States. They deliver more than a beautiful furniture. Rustic furniture manufacturing company delivers furniture pieces to build memories that last for a long time.

Hulsta Furniture Company:

Hulsta Furniture Company produces higher quality furniture. For making quality furniture, the company’s clients visits into the entire the World. Mr. Alois Hulsa lays founded this company in 1940. From the very beginning, this furniture company ran with 10 employees and produced room cabinet. Now it has 1200 employees and they serve to the company for making good quality furniture. The company’s main motto is to earn customer’s satisfaction through rigorous and quality furniture to survive business.

Partex Furniture of Bangladesh:

Partex Furniture Industries Limited is a subsidiary company of Partex Star Group, Bangladesh, established in 1999 though this Partex Star Group began their business in 1962 by Particle Board Manufacturing & Marketing. It is a Sister Concern of Star Particle Board Mills Ltd. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization. It is now one of the largest Furniture manufacturer and seller in Bangladesh. It has 04 major wings- Panel Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Upholstery Based Furniture & Sheet Metal Furniture.

Other than above furniture companies, there are a lot of brand furniture making and selling companies in the world. But people prefer top 20’s at first.

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