7 Benefits of Using School Apps for Parents in 2023

8 Importance and Benefits Of Using School Apps for Parents in 2024

The world has gotten busier than ever, relying on modern technology for almost everything. With our busy lifestyles, we find relying on technological means much easier. The same goes for institutions of all kinds. When pandemic circumstances forced us all to stay at home, it was through this digital awakening that we were able to help children out in school and not miss another lesson! Hybrid learning is still prevalent these days, although the lockdown has not continued, this is because of the facilities that streamline school, college, and university activities.

The school faculty thinks of the best possible solution for all its children, just like a parent reverts, and corresponds to these changes to ensure their child performs well at school. Only with the help of the best school management system can an institute guarantee proper oversight of academic and other activities that allow parents to remain involved.

Benefits of a mobile application for Parents

Parents and guardians find mobile application use convenient not for themselves directly but to stay updated with the everyday activities of their children in school. Here are the key advantages of why they prefer using a mobile school app;

Receive notifications, updates, and reminders

Parents have busy lives themselves- involved in housework, job, personal events, etc. Commonly, they might forget a few important dates. Opting to receive notifications from a school app can help them receive emails or messages so they never miss another event at their child’s school.

Pay school fees safely and securely anytime they want

A mobile application allows parents to make payments anytime, anywhere, without having the hassle to go back and forth from a bank to a school. It is safe, records information, and makes the whole process easy considering they have details already saved into the login account of their child.

Monitor the progress of their child in academic and extracurricular activities

Children don’t perform well when their activities at school are not supervised by a teacher. With some extra effort from parents, they can go the extra mile further. Since students are more comfortable when parents take action to push them into performing well, their guidance is necessary.

Overlook project submissions and homework

Students remain involved in multiple activities each day. With at least seven subjects to study, they might forget to submit a few homework or assignment sheets. The school management system records the student data and reminds them quickly about which pending projects are to be submitted first. When a parent knows the deadline, they can ensure their child completes the work on time.

Track attendance percentages

No more missing classes when parents can view their child’s attendance percentage which is updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

Coordinate with teachers

Long gone are those days when parents had to wait in a queue to meet a subject teacher and express their child’s grievances. Now, there is an even easier method of communication than emailing the teachers. They can simply use the school chat box! Immediate response and restream lined conversation through a reliable app help parents have better insight and come up with solutions quickly.

Manage library operations

Parents can track the availability of books with the help of the library operations feature, saving their child from going through the hassle of trying to borrow them.

Transport tracking through GPS

Student safety is one of the top most priority of institutions, but how well do they guarantee it? Help parents rely on you by enabling bus tracking or GPS tracking. It allows parents to remain informed about the exact location of the school bus when they arrive at school, delays, and updates as necessary.


Nowadays a school has every feature available. They either have a server-based or a cloud-based system to upload details, update, track, record, analyze and perform every function necessary to improve the productivity of all students and teachers. 

With them, parents can also benefit immensely by influencing the performance of their children. Not every feature mentioned here needs to be present, only a few communication lines and mediums to track student records are often enough to ensure a child receives the best of both worlds, education at school and home.