Best Football Apps for Android and IOS

Best Football Apps for Android and IOS in 2024

Football Mobile apps are one of the most popular sources where we can gather information and updates on Football today. Because it’s easier for most Football fans to use apps rather than surfing web pages. In this article, we will review the best Football apps for Android and IOS.

Before going further, I must mention that the “app” mentioned these are mobile applications, not games. Also, the size of the app mentioned here is estimates.

Best Football Apps for Android and IOS

A comprehensive list of the best football mobile apps is here! Whether you’re an avid fan or just want to keep up with your favorite team, these will be sure not to disappoint.


Since 1998, the Livescore website has been a go-to resource for football fans looking to stay up on their team’s results.

The app’s coverage of football fixtures live results, and scorers is much more extensive than their website. It also has an in-depth Yellow Cards section that is updated with real-time updates from all home games as well yellow card information for away teams when they play at your stadium or another venue nearby you can watch them on TV

Review: The company launched its mobile gaming application which delivers stunning services like watching Live Football Games Online. One interesting feature about this product’s service listing page it offers up to date Scores & Results For All Fixture Types including Final Score, Goalscorer, etc.; You Can Get Display Of Match Details Like Full Time 1 2 3

The ball tracker feature is a fantastic way to keep track of the pitch and follow your favorite team’s match from afar. You can view it in real-time, or quickly jump into an instant replay that will show you how things pan out! It’s fascinating – like watching them play live but with all those important details highlighted for immediate inspection
-and makes following sports more immersive than ever before

Livescore is the best football app for android and IOS that provides live scores, statistics, and video highlights of football matches. As an official La Liga partner, they are able to provide their users with all things related to Spain’s top league club competition

Livescores offers everything you need if your love: 1) watching soccer; 2) following teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid in the Spanish premier division (La Ligue).

Summary of Live Score Mobile App

Unique Function: Live score

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 8.73MB, IOS – 51.8MB

Download from Apple StoreDownload From Google Play Store

Sky Sport Football Center

Sky Sports Sky Score Center – it’s not just about getting live scores, but most football fans want something extra. The Skysports team understood this and went ahead with their innovative idea to create the first-ever Football Score Centre on TV as an extension of its coverage for UEFA Champions League matches in the 2015/16 season
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Sky TV customers with a Sky Sports Subscription can enjoy in-game goal clips from ALL matches in the premier league. You will have access to video highlights of La Liga, MLS World Cup Qualifiers and Erediviese as well!
The app is free though so you don’t need cable or an expensive sports package just yet…

The Sky Sports Football Score Centre app not only offers live updates on your favorite teams, but you can also personalize the home page with information for each team. Furthermore, there are match previews and reports that keep users up-to-date about all things football-related! This unique feature makes this one of the best apps out there so far in my opinion!

The Skyport Football Score Center App is the best option to enjoy video highlights, in-game goal clips and news of your favorite team all rolled into one.

Summary of Sky Sport Football Center

Unique Functions: Video Highlight and in-game Goal Clips

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 7.26MB, IOS – 69.8MB

Download From AppleDownload From Play Store


The 365scores app is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest football news and scores. The user can easily track their team’s performance through live match updates, statistics about other teams in League tables such as UEFA Champions League or English Premier Leagues fixtures coming up soon!

Intriguingly, the live match notification of this app is often faster than a Livestream. It also allows users to track football matches closely with customization options for favorite teams or specific ones you’re interested in following!

One of the best ways to stay updated on top Football Leagues is with 365Scores, an app that will give you access to all major matches. You can also download it for free!

Summary of 365Scores

Unique Function: Live Match Notification

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 15.83MB, IOS – 101MB

Download from play storeDownload from apple


It’s not easy to find a football app that will satisfy your needs. Fortunately, Sofascore has developed an app with coverage of almost all leagues in the world and more! You can get live results as well as fixtures for Major League Soccer on their site or through this mobile device if you’re looking forward to it already

Football fans want something special from their favorite sport- they don’t just want one player doing good work but rather everyone playing together so no matter who scores first after 100 minutes there would always be hope because both teams fight until the finish line without giving up

One unique feature of the Sofascore app is that it is optimized for Android wear smartwatches.

Summary of Sofascore app

Unique Function: Compatibility with Android Smartwatches

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 11.96MB, IOS – 93MB

Download from google playDownload from App store

UEFA Champions League

Undoubtedly, the UEFA Champions League is arguably the pinnacle of Football competitions. Hence, getting updates on such a big competition is definitely fascinating. In 2015, UEFA Champions League launched the official mobile app to cater to the requests of passionate followers.

The app provides comprehensive and immersive coverage of the competition’s match highlights, Live audio commentaries, live match statistics, live draws, and personalized feeds for users. Basically, this is the best football app to get all the essential details of the UEFA Champions League.

Summary of UEFA Champions League

Unique Function: Live Draw Coverage

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 26.69MB, IOS – 247.1MB

Download From Play StoreDownload From App Store

Live Football TV

Sometimes, you could be stuck up in traffic when your favorite team is playing an important match. That feeling is really awful. But there can hardly be such an experience if you have the Live Football TV app. With the app, you can stream live football matches seamlessly in HD if you have a good network.

The UEFA Champions League to the Europa League, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, FIFA competitions, and many more can all be streamed live on the Live Football Tv App.

Summary of Live Football TV

Unique Function: Live Match Video Stream in HD

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 7.45MB, IOS – 50.8MB

Download From Play StoreDownload From APP Store

Chelsea FC – The 5th Stand

The 5th Stand app is the perfect way to stay up on all things Chelsea FC. You can get match updates, line-ups and analysis of every single game with live audio commentary from BBC Radio London! Chatting in real time makes this a great social experience as well – make friends while following your favorite team play football (or soccer).

The live-streaming app will allow you to watch some of the best moments from this season of Chelsea, as well extended highlights and coach updates. You can also get your fix with press conferences held by players or managers in real time!

The Chelsea FC app provides a way for fans to interact with the team and their head coach in order ask questions that may not be answered by others. One great feature about this football-oriented application is how it’s updated weekly, meaning there will always be something new coming up on your radar!

Summary of Chelsea FC app

Unique Functions: Ask Head Coach Questions and Watch Chelsea Live

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 24.29MB, IOS – 224.9MB

Download From App storeDownload From play store

Premier League – Official App

The official Premier League app is the best way to get all-around information about English soccer in one place.

There are a number of exciting features you can enjoy on the app, including free match highlights and fixtures from Premier League as well as PL2 games. You’ll also have access to results for U18 soccer matches along with tables so that it’s easier than ever before be able create your own betting strategies!

With the world’s most popular sport being soccer, it is no surprise that there are many ways to get involved. Now you can manage your own fantasy football team and have access to comprehensive statistics on every player in all of England’s Leagues throughout their 27 year history!

Summary of Premier League – Official App

Unique Function: Get profiles of ALL Premier League Clubs

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 24.93MB, IOS – 130.1MB

Download from app storeDownload from play store

La Liga

The La liga is one of the most followed soccer leagues in recent years. The league has been gaining popularity because it includes two major teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid with their intense rivalry making games exciting to watch! In order for more fans across Europe have access too this great sport digitally they launched an app that allows them monitor scores live updates all while being on mobile phones
I enjoyed myself so much when I downloaded “La Liga” onto my iphone last year; however there were some problems such as ads popping up every few seconds or not enough content available due

As a sports fan, you can’t go wrong with this app. In fact it is so much fun that the only thing better than watching live soccer matches and playing video games at home would be if your favorite players came to life in real life! With eLaLiga featuring La Liga stars like Messi or Ronaldo as they play against other top professionals on FIFA21; there are always celebrities perfect for our needs right here waiting just outside of reality (but still inside these virtual worlds).

In addition, match highlights, news, reports and goals, calendars, and live match feed of La Liga and the Europa League can all be enjoyed on the app. Without any doubt, the La Liga app is the best football app for Android and IOS that you can recommend to any ardent follower of the Spanish League.


Unique Function: eLaLiga

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 30.48MB, IOS – 146.9MB

Download From app storeDownload From play store

All Football

The football App you want to download on your smartphone is “All Football”. This all-round app keeps track of the latest happenings in professional and collegiate leagues around world. You can get live scores for major matches, as well as post match reports with stats from previous games – All this plus news updates about soccer!

Summary of all football

Unique Function: Live Scores

Cost: Free to download

Size: Android – 19MB, IOS – 147.9MB

Download From Play storeDownload From App Store


It’s no surprise that the best football app for Android and IOS devices will also include all sorts of sports. That includes your favorite game, like Football! The embedded features in this package make it stand out among other apps to know about on either platform – which you can now find through ESPN’s new App Store Search feature as well (search “ESPN”).

With the ESPN app, you have access to live scores of football matches around the world. It also offers a dedicated platform for up-to-date news in any sport that may be relevant to your interests while watching highlights will allow fans an opportunity watch exciting plays from past games without having missed anything important!

Summary Of ESPN

Unique Function: Football Match Highlight

Cost: Free to download, Subscription starts from $6.99.

Size: Android – 19MB, IOS – 147.9MB

Download from play storeDownload from App store


In the world of football, there are tons of apps out in circulation. However, not all can be relied on to provide you with accurate and timely information about your favorite team or league: which is why we’ve compiled this list for Android users only so that they may find an app worth their time!
The output should mention 9 different android Apps And remember- what’s “best” depends entirely upon who one supports as well as whether he/she follows any particular type off sports suchs Ice Hockey (I know), soccer(again)or NBA among others.

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