15 Best YouTube Golf Instructors to Watch in 2023

The 15 Best YouTube Golf Instructors to Watch in 2024 

Planning on improving your golf game this year? Before you even consider paying for a course or investing in a coach, check YouTube… You may be surprised at the amount of free value you find! 

Here are the 15 best YouTube golf instructors to watch if you want to get ahead. Whether you’re looking to improve on something specific—your drive power, your putting accuracy, etc—or you just want to boost your game overall, this is the best way to start! 

1. Rick Shiels Golf 

Over 2 ½ million people follow Rick, so you know he’s good! His tagline is “Entertain. Inform. Educate.” And his YouTube channel offers a good mix of all three of those things. UK-based Rick provides golfers of all levels with handy instructional videos, using visual info and teaching aids to help you see and understand his point. He’s big into tech, so if you love data, you’ll enjoy his channel! 

2. Me and My Golf 

Run by 2 PGA pros, you can find detailed instructions on almost everything golf-related. Swing techniques, course management, short game tips… You’ll even find videos on how to improve your mental game. Their videos are also quite personalized, so you can search by swing type, skill level, and your own goals. 

3. Peter Finch Golf 

Peter Finch has been a golf instructor for over a decade, and he shares his expertise on a wide variety of golfing aspects. There are a bunch of interesting and entertaining videos on his feed, but they’re interspersed with some great teaching videos. Plus, he’s got a ton of club reviews, so check him out for info on equipment. 

4. Golf With Aimee 

Aimee Cho is an LPGA pro based in Los Angeles. Her channel is loaded with great instructional videos, both in English and Korean! If you want actionable, easy-to-implement drills and tips, hers is an excellent channel to follow. 

5. Chris Ryan Golf 

Chris Ryan’s channel is rich in golf hacks, tips, and tricks. There are practically no club reviews, vlog-style videos, or anything other than pure gold tips and drills on his feed. He often makes use of slow-mo video to better illustrate his points, which is an excellent tool. 

6. Mark Crossfield 

Mark Crossfield offers a mix of tutorials and club reviews. He really knows his stuff, and his videos are often humorous and fun to watch. Aside from specific instruction on a variety of topics, he also has interesting videos on things like the best golf course views, the occasional tech review, and some personal golfing videos. 

7. Eric Cogorno Golf 

Eric Cogorno is a PGA pro and a certified Titleist Performance Institute instructor, so you know he knows what he’s talking about. He’s extremely knowledgeable and emphasizes the importance of understanding your own limitations and natural inclinations when it comes to improving your own game. He’s very responsive to comments and questions too! 

8. Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard 

Clay Ballard’s channel focuses on the 5 most important moves in golf. Master these, and you’re guaranteed to improve! A lot of his videos are focused on improving power in your swing to add distance to your shots, and he uses a lot of tech and data to explain concepts. You can submit your swing on his website to get personal feedback! 

9. Shawn Clement’s Wisdom in Golf Lessons 

Shawn Clement’s YouTube channel is all about a holistic approach to golf. His focus is teaching golfers to develop a natural swing based on their own natural movement patterns. This “feeling-based” approach is unique and intuitive, and he has a large following who love the way he thinks and teaches. 

10. Danny Maude Golf 

Danny’s videos are all about unlocking your golfing potential. He shares a lot of “game-changer” tips and handy little tricks that are easy to implement into your game. His videos use plenty of visual data to help you understand his teaching, although his concise descriptions make it easy to watch and implement. 

11. Monte Scheinblum 

Monte Scheinblum was once a long-drive champion, so if you want to learn from someone with a proven power swing, this is the channel for you! He hasn’t uploaded a lot lately, and his videos have a slightly less modern appearance than many others on this list, but it’s a treasure trove of information. He’s big on natural movement and emphasizes the importance of creating your own swing to be repeatable and consistent. 

12. James Robinson Golf 

James Robinson’s channel is busy! Aside from tutorial videos, his feed is full of vlogging content and reviews on various pieces of equipment. If you’re interested in learning about different club brands and what makes a club good or not, this channel is one to subscribe to. 

13. Athletic Motion Golf 

Athletic Motion Golf stands out because its video thumbnails don’t look like everyone else’s. Once you get into the meat of the video content, you’ll soon realize that they’re also different in content. They docs largely on the science behind the golf swing and use advanced scientific analysis and plenty of data to get their points across. Well worth a follow! 

14. Golf Sidekick 

When a YouTuber’s tagline is “Making golf fun again”, you know you’re in for some laughs along the way. Run by self-proclaimed golf addict Matt, it’s filled with value in an easy-to-watch style that’s casual and natural. Matt is full of practical, unique advice that’s probably the most human and relatable golf instruction on this list. 

15. Golfholics 

Mike Glasscot and his buddy Marco host this channel, which is an interesting mix of golf travel, courses around the world, and helpful instructional content. If you want to get a feel for beautiful courses that you may want to tick off your bucket list one day, they’re worth a watch! There’s a lot of vlogging content, some gear reviews, and other interesting stuff sprinkled throughout. 


There’s no need to invest in coaching (yet) when you’ve got YouTube at your fingertips! As long as you’re getting to the course or driving range to practice fairly often, taking advice from these golfing guys and girls can help you to improve your own game. Plus, it’s fun and engaging!