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Can You Cash A Check At Walgreens?

Can you cash checks at Walgreens? Well, the answer is not straightforward. Walgreens is not a bank. It is a pharmacy that provides prescribed drugs and other health products to customers. But the good news is, Walgreens offer check cashing services. If you want to cash a check right where you buy your prescription medicines, Walgreens is the place. 

Most people are unaware of Walgreens check cashing services. The check cashing policies of Walgreens vary from state to state. You can cash a check at Walgreens with some limitations. So, can you cash a check at Walgreens? In this article, we will try to provide a satisfactory answer to this question. Additionally, we will explain how to cash a check at Walgreens, the kinds of checks you can cash at Walgreens, and Walgreens check cashing policies.

What is Walgreens?

Walgreens is a pharmacy store chain operating in the United States. It was established in 1901 in Chicago and is headquartered in Deerfield Illinois, Chicago. It also has stores in Puerto Rico. Walgreens offers a variety of health products and services to customers. Some of them are:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Health And Wellness Products
  • Healthcare Information
  • Photo Services

Walgreens also offers some financial services. Like credit cards, debit cards, ATMs, and gift cards.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted At Walgreens?

Here are some accepted payment methods at Walgreens:

  • Cash
  • Money Orders
  • Insurance Drafts
  • Gift Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Visa Cards
  • Mastercard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express
  • Carecredit
  • Apple Pay
  • Checks

Walgreens does accept checks as a payment method. But does Walgreens cash checks? Can I cash my check at Walgreens? Let’s find out.

Do Walgreens Cash Checks?

“Cashing a check means getting money in exchange for a check.”

We all know that Walgreens accepts payments in checks. But Can you cash a check at Walgreens? Yes, you can! Cashing a check at Walgreens is a pretty simple process. But the availability of this service varies from store to store. Some Walgreens stores offer check cashing service, some don’t. Also, there are some limitations to the check cashing services of Walgreens.

How to Cash a Check at Walgreens?

Does Walgreens cash checks? We found out that the answer is yes. But how can you cash checks at Walgreens? What Is Walgreens Check Cashing Policy? 

Well, cashing a check at Walgreens is pretty simple and straightforward. Here’s how to cash a check at Walgreens: 

  • You have to provide the cashier with your valid Government issued ID.
  • You need to have a pre-printed check with your name on it.
  • You have to sign the back of the check and present it to the cashier.
  • Before the transaction, the cashier will verify your information.
  • Third-party checks are not allowed.
  • If you want to pay your bill with a check, it needs to be issued in Walgreens’ name.
  • You can use this method for in-store as well as online purchases.

What Kinds of Checks Can You Cash At Walgreens?

Walgreens check cashing is a little-known service. But the good news is that we’re here to provide all the essential information about it. At Walgreens, you can cash:

  • Payroll Checks
  • Government-issued Checks
  • IRS issued Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks

The amount you can cash at Walgreens varies from state to state. Typically $20 to $1000 per day. For payroll and government-issued checks, there’s a limit of $2500 per day.

How To Choose The Right Walgreens Location to Cash A Check?

Choosing the right Walgreens cashing location is important. You don’t want to waste time in case of urgency. You should always make sure that the Walgreens check cashing service is available at the store you’re going to visit. Here’s how you can choose the right Walgreens store:

  • Find a Walgreens store near you.
  • Check the hours before you go to the store.
  • Make sure there is check cashing staff available in that store.
  • Find out if they have any limits on the amount they can cash.
  • Check online reviews about that location.

What Are Some Financial Services of Walgreens?

Other than health and wellness services, Walgreens also offers a variety of financial services. These include:

  • MyWalgreens Credit Card
  • Scarlet Bank Account & Debit Card
  • Walgreens Mobile Wallet
  • Walgreens ATMs
  • Reloadable Debit Cards
  • Western Union
  • Gift Cards (Walgreens Gift Cards & Specialty Gift Cards)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some important and frequently asked questions. We’ve tried to provide satisfactory answers.

Can A Non-Customers Cash Checks At Walgreens?

Yes, they do! You don’t need to be a Walgreens customer to cash your check at Walgreens. The process is the same for all customers. It doesn’t matter whether you have an account with Walgreens or not.

How Much Does Walgreens Charge to Cash a Check?

There is no fee to cash a check at Walgreens for a check of up to $500. For an additional $1,000, you will have to pay $5. So, if you cash a check for $1,500 you will have to pay a $5 fee.

Who Can Cash Checks At Walgreens?

A person with a valid government-issued ID card can cash checks at Walgreens. The cashier will verify your details before making the transaction.

What Do I Need To Cash A Check At Walgreens?

If you want to cash a check at Walgreens, you need:
1. Valid ID card (including your name, photo, and sign)
2. Pre-printed check

Does Walgreens Cash Cashier’s Checks?

You can’t cash cashier’s checks or teller’s checks at Walgreens. It’s not in their policy to do so. You can cash payroll and government-issued checks at Walgreens.

Does Walgreens Cash Personal Checks?

No, Walgreens does not cash personal checks. Walgreens only cash pre-printed checks. You can use personal checks for your purchases in their store. But the check must be issued to Walgreens’ name.

What If The Cashier Can’t Cash My Check?

If the cashier can’t cash your check, you need to find another Walgreens location. The cashier can also refer you to some other Walgreens locations.

Final Words:

So, can I cash my check at Walgreens? We’ve learned that Walgreens is a convenient place to cash a check if you need cash quickly. The process of cashing a check at Walgreens is pretty straightforward. Walgreens check cashing service is not available at all locations. Make sure to find out the accurate location to cash your check. Before you visit a Walgreens location, call the specific store to ask about business hours. It’s better to go during business hours.

Finding the correct store to cash checks is important. Some Walgreens stores in Illinois provide check cashing service. But some other Walgreen stores in the same city don’t. You should always make sure that you can cash a check at the Walgreens store you’re going to visit.

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