How To Eliminate Formalin From Foods

Formalin is a very big threat on food now-a-days. Use of formalin on foods is increasing day by day. For technological advancement, people has discovered the way of preserving foods for a long period of time. They discovered formalin, carbide etc to preserve foods like fishes, fruits, vegetables etc for a long time. Once upon a time, foods were preserved in natural ways,but now-a-days, excessive chemical use has become a great threat to the people’s health. Due to taking formalin mixed food, a lot of people die every year. But if you become a little bit careful, you may easily get rid of this threat. Now, I will share you a tips about how to eliminate formalin from foods. Let us see,

Remove formalin process
Formalin Removal Process


Tips to Remove Formalin from Vegetables:

Vegetables may be ripening by formalin/formaldehyde. To eliminate formalin from vegetables, sink those vegetables under salt-water (water:salt=90:10) for at least 10-15 minutes. After that, wash them again with fresh water. Finally, you can cook them without being worried anymore. This process will eliminate formalin (95%) from the vegetables.

Tips to Remove Formalin from Fruits:

Fruits can be preserved for a long time by using formalin. If you suspect that the fruits you bought contains formalin, you must sink it under salty water for at least 1 hour. After that wash them with normal fresh water. Then, the formalin will be eliminated and you can take those fruits without any doubt. This process removes 95% formalin from fruits.

Tips to Remove Formalin from Fishes:

If you suspect that your fish has formalin or might have formalin, sink those fishes under salty-water for one hour. It will eliminate about 60% formalin. But, If you sink it under salt-water for one and half hour, 90% formalin would be eliminated. Again, if you sink the fishes under vinegar mixed water [20% vinegar:80% water], 100% formalin elimination may be guaranteed!


Formalin may cause many more diseases of liver, kidneys, heart etc. Ulceration, Gastritis, Liver Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, etc might be the outcome of excessive formalin intake. It may harm your bone marrow and cause anemia, leukemia(blood cancer) also. It is extremely dangerous for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Take Fresh Foods (Fruits, Vegetables, Fishes) daily and live well. You may easily get rid of formalin with the help of above mentioned tips. If you feel that it is helpful for you, kindly, share it to your friends & relatives.

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