Working Excuses to Drop a Class in High School

10 Really Working Excuses to Drop a Class in High School

High school can be tough. Sometimes, you need to drop a class. Knowing the right excuses to drop a class in high school is key. In this article, we’ll explore “10 really working excuses to drop a class in high school.” These are practical and reasonable excuses that schools often accept.

Believable Excuses to Drop a Class in High School

Here are 10 high school course withdrawal reasons that you can use:

Excuse #1. I have Overlapping Commitments

“I have overlapping commitments with another essential course. This is making it impossible to attend both.”

This excuse highlights a practical issue. You have two important classes scheduled at the same time. It’s a valid reason, as attending both becomes logistically impossible.

Excuse #2. I have some Health Concerns

“Due to recent health issues, my doctor advised reducing my course load for better management.”

This reason emphasizes personal well-being. Health issues often necessitate a reduction in stress and workload. This makes it a legitimate excuse for course withdrawal.

Excuse #3. There’s been an Unexpected Family Issue

“There’s been an unexpected situation in my family. And it requires more of my time and attention.”

Family emergencies or obligations can often disrupt a student’s regular schedule. This excuse is about prioritizing urgent family matters. Especially those that require immediate attention.

Excuse #4. I Need to Change My Academic Focus

“I’ve decided to shift my academic focus. So, this class no longer aligns with my revised educational goals.”

This excuse reflects a student’s evolving academic interests and career goals. It’s a common reason for course changes during high school.

Excuse #5. I have Transportation Issues

“I’m facing transportation challenges that make it difficult to arrive on time for this class.”

This is a practical issue. Transportation difficulties can affect punctuality and regular class attendance. So, it’s a viable excuse.

Excuse #6. My Work Schedule is Conflicting with this Class

“My part-time job schedule has changed. And it now conflicts with the class timings.”

Balancing work and school is challenging. A change in work hours conflicting with class schedules is a realistic and common issue.

Excuse #7. My Academic Advisor Recommended to Drop this Class

“My academic advisor suggested I drop this class to balance my overall course load better.”

Taking guidance from an academic advisor often leads to course adjustments. Their recommendations are generally based on a student’s overall academic welfare.

Excuse #8. There’s a Language Barrier

“I’m struggling with a language barrier in this class. I need to improve my skills before I can fully participate.”

Struggling with the language of instruction can hinder learning and participation. This makes it a valid reason for seeking a class change.

Excuse #9. There are Technological Limitations

“I don’t have access to the technology required for this class. This is restricting my ability to keep up.”

Lack of access to necessary technology can be a significant barrier to education.

Excuse #10. I’m Seeking More Challenging Material

“The material in this class isn’t challenging enough for me. I’m seeking to enroll in a more advanced course.”

This is a constructive reason for dropping a class that feels too easy.


In conclusion, the right excuses to drop a class in high school are important. We’ve listed 10 valid reasons for dropping out of a class. They are practical and often accepted by schools. Remember, clear and honest communication is key. Whether for health, family, or academic reasons. These excuses help you make the best choices for your high school journey.

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