10 Free Job Posting Sites in Toronto

From the very perspective of job seekers and employers, employment websites and job posting sites have immense importance. This globalized world has become so tiny that we can grasp all the amenities of lifestyle using science and technology. 

The employment sectors are demanding more opportunities and principles as there is no dearth of candidates nowadays. All the companies and employers are posting their vacancies on digital platforms. This has enhanced the level of competitors. 

Moreover, job seekers are enjoying a huge number of alternatives while choosing their workstations. They can rely on the reviews made by the job posting sites. The loyalty and goodwill of the prominent job sites have established this culture successfully. Toronto has a culture of this as well. Here, I offer some reviews of the features of 10 free job posting sites in Toronto, Canada.

Free Job Posting Sites in Toronto

1. Indeed Canada

Indeed Canada operates worldwide as a search engine for employment. It has earned its popularity across the world. Most importantly, Indeed Canada is a platform as a job aggregator. This means it classifies the job postings of different career sites and displays them on its own site.  


  • Indeed Canada has a dashboard of your activities if you have opened an account on this site. So, there is no possibility of being forgotten. 
  • Indeed Canada’s applicant tracking system has made it unique among other job posting sites. 
  • Moreover, indeed Canada has the best possible solution for the application management system for the applicants. 
  • The assessment management system of indeed Canada has made it very popular among job seekers in Toronto. 
  • Billing and invoicing systems of indeed Canada are so helpful for maintaining a crystal clear goodwill. 
  • Candidate management according to the qualification and criteria of any job is renowned in Toronto. 
  • Indeed Canada keeps updates of the candidates’ profiles so that the companies can contact them. 
  • Candidate tracking system of indeed Canada has made this job posting site attractive to job seekers and hiring companies. 

2. Workopolis

Workopolis is recognized as the oldest and most renowned job site in Toronto, Canada. This job site has an articulated foreign worker search section. Workopolis has been taken over by Indeed. The job posting is free. 

Highlights :

  • Workopolis works as a helpful career blog.  
  • Jobs are posted both in English and French. 
  • Employers use this site for advertising their job posts for free. 
  • This site was acquired by Indeed. This is why; employers are able to post for free.  
  • Workopolis is mainly specialized for foreign workers. 
  • Workopolis do not permit direct job posting. 
  • Indeed Canada is the affiliated partner.
  • You can also pay for the sponsored listing of jobs.
  • There is an estimator tool that will provide you with the idea of how many applications can be expected. 
  • The limit of your applications attracted depends on the budget you decide to pay per click. 
  • If you have an indeed dashboard, you will be offered applicant tracking.
  • Moreover, employers are enjoying mobile recruiting.
  • The shortcomings of Workopolis are that there is no phone support and an absence of video tutorials.
  • This site does not offer any automatic reminders.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is playing as a key player in the niche. It has been earning huge popularity as it is a free job posting site in Toronto, Canada. That is why; the features of this site must be brought before you for your best consideration. 


  • Glassdoor allows employees to review their employers. This has proved very helpful for employees for knowing the employer before considering working together.
  • It has an activity dashboard.
  • Glassdoor has a self-service portal for the employees.
  • The branding is also customizable.
  • The recruitment management policy is also amazingly performed.
  • The employers can search for the target candidates by searching the resumes on the basis of criteria and qualifications.
  • The employers can post the job.
  • The employees can post their resumes also.
  • The matching engine will do the combination of the demands of both the employees and employers. 
  • This platform’s basics are based on performance.
  • The content of this platform is automated.
  • There is the arrangement of different search tools.
  • There is an additional function ability such as the dashboard. 
  • Glassdoor’s Free Employers Account offers free services.
  • It provides you access to manage your employer profile, for no cost.

4. Wow Jobs

Wow jobs is a job aggregator site that reviews price, posting instructions, key pieces of information, and frequently asked questions. 


  • It allows the applicants to search for millions of jobs from the job boards on career sites.
  • Wow jobs is also managed by Indeed.
  • Wow jobs is also a free platform to use.
  • There is a vast use of the tools search engine using different filters by keyword, name of the employers, location, and so on.
  • Wow jobs platform is also available in French.
  • The most attractive feature of this site is the salary search feature.
  • It is a job search engine.
  • It doesn’t allow posting jobs directly.
  • This platform does not render any career development tools for the candidates.

5. Eluta.ca

It is a job search engine that has a specialty in finding new jobs in Canada. This site is managed by the 100 employers’ projects of Canada.


  • Eluta.ca keeps an index of the jobs listed on employers’ websites.
  • This site can be considered the second home for the Top 100 employers of Canada.
  • This site doesn’t offer a resume database.
  • You can just set email notification for receiving an alert for the possible job matching.
  • Eluta provides the candidates with links back to the employers’ job postings.
  • Eluta also matches the search criteria and lets the candidates know through email notification.
  • It provides the news on the post past time jobs, co-op positions and paid internships, and some other career-level opportunities.
  • As a candidate, you can get unique and high-quality research editorials through which you can gather knowledge from thousands of employers that can help with your search for your dream job.
  • On the basis of your location, you will have an update on all the new jobs in your field within a 50 kilometers radius.
  • You can narrow your search by the advanced search option with refined criteria.

6. JobsinGTA

Jobsingta is a one-stop service solution for the employer and the employees. GTA stands for Great Toronto Area where you can build communication with your employer companies. This platform expands the horizon for qualified candidates for recruitment.


  • It is one of the best one stop solution centers for recruitment and career needs.
  • It provides the state of the art.
  • It is the fastest growing job board in the Great Toronto Area.
  • It arranges the solution for hiring from temporary staffing to permanent staffing.
  • The clients are most of the award-winning companies and globally renowned brands.
  • This platform helps to diminish the gap between job seekers and employers.
  • JobsinGTA wishes to match the skills and right shifts. 
  • This platform has arranged for both the candidates and the employers for saving their money free of cost.
  • The premium services are also provided in return for the lowest possible le rate. 
  • The JobsinGTA has a maintenance of a local database of thousands of candidates who are qualified.
  • The very platform also ensures that the HR process is maintained digitally. The digital process of recruitment emphasizes on its clarity. 

7. JobsIsland

JobsIsland is the job board that enables employees for newer job opportunities and submit their resumes. The employees are also doing job postings and searching for qualified candidates. There are some other tools for free job search and plugins for employers also.


  • It’s a free platform for both employers and job seekers. 
  • Moreover, this site accepts the job search engine from job posters. 
  • There is an optional paid premium job option for the agencies.
  • The local employment listings of Canada are being up to date daily.
  • The tools and filters are very helpful for the job seekers for searching jobs according to locations and qualifications. 

8. Job Bank

Job Bank is the most notable national employment site. It can be found in website form and mobile app as well. 


  • It is a national employment agency.
  • It has a website.
  • It is also available as a mobile app.
  • It helps find work and plan a career.
  • Job Bank also renders free service.
  • This site allows you to search by occupation.
  • You can search by the criteria you are looking for. 
  • The employers are also allowed to post job advertisements at free of cost.
  • This site is marked as a noteworthy investor in this sector. 
  • The job seekers find it easy to search for jobs on the basis of location.
  • The job advertisements from employer companies are now becoming very easy. 
  • Creating job postings is easier due to the recently streamlined interface.
  • If you want to recruit employees for a specific job purpose, you have to clearly indicate them.
  • Moreover, the target audience can be specified while creating a job post.
  • Job seekers also enjoy improved layout including the apprentice job filter.

9. ZipRecruiter 

ZipRecruiter makes the arrangements of staffing easily for finding eligible candidates. There are a vast number of unique features which have made ZipRecruiter as one of the influential employment sites in Toronto, Canada.


  • ZipRecruiter has an applicant tracking system.
  • Job seekers’ applications are also managed amazingly. 
  • This site has the assessment management department.
  • The background of the job seekers and the employers are screened properly.
  • ZipRecruiter offers candidate management and candidate tracking systems.
  • Employers can also create accounts.
  • The feedback management system is maintained for clarity.
  • The interview management system is very impressive here.
  • Interview scheduling is done with a great perspective of clearance.
  • The job posts are managed with different filters and keywords.
  • The jobs are posted on the basis of different qualities of candidates and various responsibilities employers demand.
  • The job searches are matched because of the use of engines.
  • The whole recruitment process is managed with a high level of sincerity.
  • ZipRecruiter charges no fees for the job seekers for any service.

 10. CareerOwl

CareerOwl is very much popular in Toronto for job posting at no cost. This site is rich in thousands of jobs listed with hundreds of tools and features. These characteristics have made this site so fantastic to visitors, job seekers, and employers. 


  • The CareerOwl site has different tools.
  • “Virtual Agent” picks the met criteria on behalf of you and makes their places in your “in tray” on this site.
  • The interface looks like e-mail.
  • Job seekers can track the jobs applied for.
  • The jobs are searched by industry or location.
  • The employers can look for the eligible candidates by qualifications and responsibilities.
  • The jobs are categorized in various categories like scientific services.
  • Entry-level and advanced-level jobs are there as well.
  • The resumes entered can also be edited and modified.
  • This site is recognized as a fantastic resource center with useful information and career planning advice, search pieces of advice, and design of resumes and cover letters.
  • This is also free of cost for job seekers.
  • They are very well-designed to browse and use. 


In fine, we can say that the recruitment process of different prominent companies is very time-consuming and critical. This is why; there we experience the emergence of thousands of job posting sites and job boards. The bigger companies and employment agencies have put faith in these sites. These job posting sites organized the candidates according to their qualifications and experiences. The employers find it easy to choose between them using different tools and filters. Most of the job posting sites are free of cost for job seekers. Searching for the latest jobs within location is possible on these websites. The reviews of the companies in these sites help the candidates to find their future career. So, these job posting sites are playing a significant role in the recruitment process and staffing.