Girls’ Bachelorette Party Photoshoot in The Studio: The Best Ideas

Parties with girlfriends are always a wonderful idea, there are many occasions for it. But the most unforgettable will be the bachelorette party before the wedding. This is a celebration for the bride, who will soon become a wife. Most of the time now will be taken up by household chores, while meetings with friends will be less frequent. And what does this mean? That’s right, you have to throw a fabulous party that you’ll never forget! In addition to the party idea itself, it’s also worth thinking about a photo shoot. Traditional selfies are nice, of course. But a professional photo session in the studio, decorated in the theme of the celebration, would be an awesome gift for the bride! 

Think in advance about ideas for the shoot. Skylum’s blog has lots of articles on how to make your photos incredible. For example, using framing in photography. But don’t forget that the theme of the party and the future shoot should be discussed with the bride. You can offer the birthday girl one of the following variants.

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Discussion of Important Questions

To organize a photo shoot, a professional photographer is usually invited. A specialist knows how to choose the best angle so that all the girls look flawless. What questions need to be solved with the photographer?

  • About the location, theme, and props for the photo session, if necessary – rent a hall.
  • The timing of the shoot and the deadline for the order.
  • What kind of photos do you need – color or retro black and white?
  • Before ordering photo processing, see an example of a retouched photo. If retouching is required, discuss what exactly you would like to correct.
  • Find out if there is a possibility of creating a photo album, collage, etc if needed.

Agreeing with the photographer, you need to clarify all the details in advance to make the event a success. Find out if there is spare equipment, what services are charged extra, and if it is possible to take test photos. If an outdoor photo shoot is planned, discuss an alternative in case of bad weather.

Shooting Themes

Studio shooting is a popular and advantageous variant for the realization of bachelorette party photo session ideas. There are no restrictions, you can feel free. Good props and decorations, girls’ fantasy, and the professionalism of the photographer are the main things for creating high-quality “live” pictures.

The most unusual and interesting photos are taken at theme parties. An experienced specialist can recommend hundreds of original ideas for decorating a photo studio for bachelorette party shoots. Here are a few examples of the possible.

Pajama Party

This fun bachelorette party is in the style of girlfriends’ home get-togethers. The interior of a bedroom in a photo studio is simulated with decorations – beds, armchairs, other furniture, and thematic attributes (pillows, large soft toys, etc) – everything that will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Girls are dressed in themed clothes – pajamas, nightgowns, robes, and soft slippers. The skill of the photographer and the imagination of the bridesmaids can create different scenes: for example, gambling with pillow fights or evening fortune-telling, girls’ nighttime “secret sessions” in front of the mirror, or the bride’s morning with her bridesmaids.

These beautiful friends wish you happy holidays. Top view of young girls at bachelorette party lying on the sofa and raising their hands up.

Hawaiian Party

For a Hawaiian-style party, you need exotic fruits, banana leaves, and bright large flowers. Hawaiian lei – garlands of flowers and fruit – hang on the walls and chairs. On the table are baskets of fruit, flowers, and cocktails with decorations. Artificial palm trees can serve as decorations. Girls’ clothes are light skirts of thin fabric and garlands of flowers on the neck, bracelets on the hands. Makeup can be with bright accents, hair is usually loose. If there is no possibility to get natural garlands, you can use artificial accessories, which are available in the photo studio.


The Great Gatsby bachelorette party is a retro style that takes you back to the 1920s. It’s a time of jazz, fancy parties, and sparkly outfits. Dress up in vintage cocktail dresses with open shoulders and fur capes, create elegant hairstyles, and adorned them with a feather or an elegant hat. Bright makeup, jewelry, and champagne glasses in hand. Recreate the bohemian atmosphere of the Great Gatsby’s parties!

Of course, Gatsby’s style is all about a chic appearance. While bright makeup plays a key role, adding¬†the best natural lashes¬†can take your look to the next level. For instance, by applying these natural lashes, you can ensure that the bachelorette party photoshoot will exude timeless elegance and sophistication, capturing the essence of Gatsby’s iconic style.


Pin-up party – it’s sure to be remembered for a long time! Spectacular dresses no higher than the knees with fluffy skirts and floral or polka dots, neat hairstyles with curls or puffed hair, denim shorts with a plaid shirt, closed bathing suits in the 60s style, headbands of motley bright colors – the main signs of pin-up. Massive earrings and colorful bracelets complement the style. The interior is decorated in the style of American cinema of the 60-70s: on the walls, you can hang newspaper clippings, pictures from magazines, and photos of idols of the time.

White party

A chic solution for a bachelorette party: the bridesmaids wear white dresses with her! It’s beautiful, interesting, and attractive: everyone will have a chance to feel like a newlywed! Of course, the bride should wear the most spectacular outfit. However, she can stand out by complimenting her costume with a veil. White is the color of purity and tenderness, so at the white party, it will be inappropriate the bright causing makeup and pretentious hairstyles.

woman in white dress sitting on brown sand


These are just some ideas for a fun memorable bachelorette party with your girlfriends. There are many variants, they can be perfected, supplemented, and even combined. Ideas can be the most daring. To implement them, you may not have enough knowledge. Learn what framing in photography and many other interesting tricks on Skylum’s blog.

And the main thing is to remember, for whom such a great event is organized. Let the bride, who wants to take a break from the pre-wedding worries and enjoy the feast arranged for her, always be at the center of attention and photo session.