Grand Canyon – The Wonderful Place for the World’s Tourists

The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world which is situated by the Colorado River in the United States. The Grand Canyon is 446km long and about 29 km wide. Its maximum depth is about 6000 feet.

Grand Canyon is the greatest and top visited tourism place in USA. More than 10 Million people visits that place in a year. It has several attractions. Among them Grand Canyon National Park is one of the world’s top natural attractions. More than 5 million visitors visit this beautiful park every year.

Most of the visitors are from California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and New York. About 17% visitors are from outside of USA. The South Rim of this park is kept open all year but the North Rim is generally kept open from mid-May to mid-October.

The best way of visiting the Grand Canyon is from helicopter. Helicopter tour is very popular for the visitors. Hiking down to the river as well as back up the rim in one day is highly discouraged by park officials because of steep, rocky trails, long distance, change in elevation and high temperature.

Lipan Point on the South Rim is located to the east of the Grand Canyon Village.  There is a lot of parking places for visitors who care to drive along with the Canyon’s bus service.

About 700 deaths have taken places in the Grand Canyon since the 1850s. Most of these deaths were due to overly zealous photographic endeavors, airplane collisions within the canyon, heat stroke and some visitors drowned in the Colorado River.

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