A Guide to Obtaining a Green Card & US Citizenship

There are many people who are drawn to the American way of life, the land of the free where everyone can achieve success and if you are looking to make a life-changing move and apply for a green card, this article was written with you in mind.

Seek out an expert immigration lawyer

Hiring a leading immigration law attorney based in Las Vegas is definitely the right thing to do; the application process is both long and complicated and you stand the best chance of success with a top immigration attorney in your corner. A certified immigration law specialist can help you prepare your application and with their in-depth knowledge of the immigration system, you have a great chance of receiving your green card, which is the first step towards US citizenship.

Ways the immigration lawyer can assist you

There are many ways that your immigration attorney can assist you:

  • Advising you as to the best path to take towards citizenship.
  • Help you to maintain a positive status during the application process.
  • Filing the paperwork on time.
  • Represent you at every court hearing.
  • Appealing rejected applications.
  • Helping with family member status.

The leading immigration law firm would have Spanish-speaking attorneys, which is often necessary when Latin American people are applying for green card status.

Changing requirements

Immigration laws in the US are not set in stone; a new administration might have different views on immigration, or the current government makes amendments, so you need an immigration lawyer who has their finger on the pulse and can keep you updated on changing rules and regulations regarding immigration into the US. As with most developed countries, the immigration rules in the US are very complex, with many exemptions and conditions; if, for example, you have fled an oppressive government and cannot return safely, there are provisions for political asylum and an experienced immigration lawyer knows all about this. Family law can also be involved, which can be very complex too.

There are always options

When you are applying to enter the US, there are many options, yet most people are unaware of this and end up applying for the wrong category and are usually rejected. Once this happens, it can be extremely difficult to resolve; you are far better off actually seeking out a qualified immigration attorney at the very outset, then the legal expert can make you aware of all your options, helping you make the right choices that will lead to a satisfactory outcome.

The green card

This is the first step towards US citizenship and is valid for a period of 10 years; green card holders have rights in the US and after 5 years, you can start the process to become a US citizen. There is actually a green card lottery that allows 55,000 immigrants per year to hold green card status. A leading Vegas immigration attorney can help you in many ways, especially regarding the best way forward when looking to relocate to the US.

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