5 Ways: How Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Followers

5 Ways: How Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Followers

Instagram has become the most prominent platform for brands. Whether it comes to getting an authorised status for business or increasing engagement, Instagram has been everyone’s favourite. However, it can be a little tricky for newcomers from gaining followers to increase views and convert them to sales.¬†

In today’s article, we will suggest 5 ways how brands can increase their Instagram followers. All the suggested ways are tried and based on a successful strategy. If you want to keep it up with the Instagram algorithm, you need to work on followers first. Because this is the only way you can keep your account strong and active.

Let’s check out some ways to increase followers.

1. Regular Post at Right Time

Instagram needs two or more posts in a single day to give you the desired result. So, if you are thinking that you can achieve followers by only posting for a few days, no, the algorithm doesn’t work like that. You have to create some unique captions with high-quality graphics images and post them two or three times a day. 

You also need to focus on the timing of the posts. As per our research, the first post should be around 9 am, the second should be around 1 pm, and the last post can be before 8 pm. Your engagement and followers will increase if you are going to follow this technique.

2. Never Underestimate Hashtags

Hashtags are an elementary factor in Instagram Algorithms. Do not ever forget to use them in your post to get more followers. This strategy will involve some research and time because you cannot use any irrelevant hashtag. 

Always search for proceeding trends, and if your post is alike, find hashtags relatable. Sometimes, people use the wrong hashtags and expect the results. That’s why they think that this way will not help them to achieve the results.

You have to understand the concept first before trying out any technique. That’s the way you can keep increasing your followers.

3. Take the Advantage of Giveaways or Contests

Instagram is popular for giveaways or many contests. People usually visit these types of accounts regularly and host giveaways. The concept is very clear, it is only because of gifts and prizes. For example, if you are a clothing brand then you can pick some of the best products from your inventory and host a contest. 

Like, you can ask them to like your post, comment, share, and follow your account. You can choose any top 5 and give them your best product. According to research, hosting giveaways is the most successful technique nowadays on Instagram. For an additional tip, if you just want to create a base before hosting any content, you can visit some best sites to buy Instagram followers.

4. Ask Questions in Story

The following way how brands can increase their Instagram followers is by engaging with their audience through questions. In this strategy, your Instagram story feature will help you. The story is usually used for informing everyone about new posts, conducting surveys, or sharing short videos. 

You can take help from these and connect with your audience. Try to know them more and their preferences. You will get to review your content as well as get more ideas to increase followers on your Instagram account.

If you have visited the best sites to buy Instagram followers, then make sure to promote your account also. Because purchased followers will be hard to engage so you need to get some on your own. Now, comes the story of how you can use this to get followers. You can ask some questions or get feedback on your product. This step will give verification to your brand and bring new followers.

5. Optimize Your Account

The last step to increasing Instagram followers is optimizing your account. How you will fix the issues if you are not aware of them. That’s why this step is necessary. When you optimize your account, you will get an idea of making changes in your strategy. If there is any mistake, you can correct it right away. 

As a result, people will follow and engage with your account as compared to before. Never forget to ask for a share from your followers as it will bring a direct audience to your account.


Increasing followers is very easy if there is the right technique and proper plan with you. Always work with the Instagram algorithm and your account will always grow. While maintaining a brand on any social media platform, there are some rules which should be kept in mind. 

Instagram also has some rules and if you fail to follow them, your account can be suspended. To avoid these types of circumstances, you can go through their terms and conditions and prepare a plan accordingly.

There are 5 ways how a brand can increase its Instagram followers and all are tested and tried. However, there are a few things you should remember. If you are going to buy Instagram followers, make sure to not overdo it. As it is against the rules of Instagram and can cause harm to your account. Never copy the content and always use hashtags smartly. Rest, the result will be yours with lots of followers and engaging views.