How a Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Can Help in Atlanta, GA

How a Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Can Help in Atlanta, GA

When a juvenile is charged with a felony crime it can have a serious impact on their future. Skilled Atlanta juvenile crimes lawyers fight to make sure that one mistake does not ruin the rest of their lives. Criminal convictions can damage a child’s chances of being accepted to a college or getting a job. A skilled juvenile defense lawyer can help a minor have their records sealed. In this article, we will tell you how a juvenile crimes lawyer can help.

Probable Cause Hearings

At this hearing, the judge decides whether there is enough evidence to charge you with a crime. The prosecution doesn’t have to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt at this stage; it only needs to show that there is probable cause that you committed the crime.

  • This is a short hearing where the indictment or information is read to you, and you enter your plea (guilty or not guilty). 
  • A bail bond may be set at this time.
  • The arraignment is followed by a pre-trial conference and a trial.

Criminal convictions can have major repercussions for juveniles, including denial of job or scholarship applications and ineligibility for military service. 

Our Atlanta juvenile crimes lawyer understands what is at stake and can use every legal tool available to get your child the justice they deserve.

Plea Agreements

A criminal conviction during a minor’s life can ruin career prospects, lead to difficulty getting housing, and have a long-lasting impact on personal relationships.

This is why it is important to hire an experienced Atlanta juvenile crimes attorney as soon as possible if your child has been arrested for a crime.

A plea bargain is a negotiation between the Prosecutor and the Defendant to resolve the case without going to trial. 

  • The Prosecutor may offer a lesser charge, shorter jail or prison sentence or other options in exchange for a guilty plea.
  • The defense lawyer will analyze the evidence, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the case with the prosecutor and negotiate an appropriate agreement.
  • It is important to note that if the judge approves the plea bargain, then the defendant must abide by the terms of the agreement.

It is important to note that the Judge will make the final determination as to whether a defendant is guilty of an offense. The judge is held to traditional evidentiary standards and will not be persuaded by arguments of innocence by a minor like a jury would in a traditional adult case.

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Expungement is the process by which a criminal conviction is erased from an individual’s record, making it invisible to the public. 

An individual seeking expungement must file a petition, which must contain

  • Information such as why the person is seeking the removal of the conviction
  • Details of the offense or arrest for which expungement is sought
  • And in the case of a guilty plea or conviction, evidence that steps have been taken to repair and rehabilitate since the time of the crime.

A conviction of a juvenile crime can have serious consequences for your child’s future. An experienced Atlanta juvenile crimes lawyer can help to ensure that one lapse in judgment doesn’t ruin your child’s life or jeopardize their future opportunities.

Minors are undergoing major mental and physical development, and detention or incarceration can cause them to miss out on vital life experiences.


When a judge decides to impose corrective action on a child, they take a number of factors into account. 

  • This includes the severity of the crime, the child’s age, and whether they have a previous criminal record. 
  • They may also remand the child to the state’s juvenile detention facility or order them to live with a relative under court supervision.

A seasoned Atlanta juvenile crimes lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that your child doesn’t end up with a permanent record of a criminal offense. 

This is because juvenile records can cause serious problems in the future. They can prevent your child from being accepted into an institute of higher education or from getting a job.

Last Words

It is important to remember that juveniles are undergoing major forms of mental and physical development. They should not be punished with jail time or any other harsh legal penalties. A respected attorney will work hard to convince a judge of this.

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