How To Prank  a Friend to Receive Annoying Text Subscriptions For Free

Pranking is a way of amusing oneself or others without causing serious harm or lasting damage. It can be done in a playful manner, using jokes and other surprises. Pranks are often used as an icebreaker in social gatherings, or as a way to get someone’s attention. Today we will discuss about the best sites for annoying text subscriptions free for pranks.

In this article, we are going to learn some creative ways to prank your friend by sending anonymous text message for free! It’s no secret that getting unwanted messages is a pain. So these pranks should work pretty well according to plan!

It is worth mentioning that there are a few risks associated with pranking someone, the most common of which is that the prankster may end up getting hurt. Pranks can also backfire, resulting in embarrassment or anger on the part of the victim.

That notwithstanding, here are a few cool best sites annoying text subscription pranks you may want to try.

Prank Your Friends on their Mobile Phone With MessageBomber is a free app that lets you create hilarious texts and send unlimited messages that will make them blush. You can choose from a variety of templates and add your own hilarious content, then send the texts to your friends. They’ll never know what hit them!

Here is a list of the annoying text messages you can send as pranks immediately:

  • Prank your friends by sending them fake messages from Craigslist!
  • Send random cat pictures to your target.
  • Send your friends hilarious text messages from ‘God’ himself.
  • Send your friends funny text messages from Lucifer himself.
  • Send your friend endless pictures of Corona Beer

Send Anonymous Text Messages with

As the name suggests, can ‘blow up the phone’ of your friend or anyone you want to prank with a variety of texts and calls.

The site offers a variety of features, such as the ability to send multiple texts immediately, and the ability to add emojis and GIFs to messages.

Blowupthephone works simple but can be very funny; you select how many messages and how fast the messages should be sent to the receiver’s phone number, that’s outrageous!

This app also allows users to block incoming calls and messages from pranksters, making it an attractive tool for those who want to avoid potential pranks.

Unfortunately, it is only available for mobile phone users in the USA and Canada. Which makes it unappealing to those that live outside these regions.

Now, watch your friend receive massive amounts of hilarious messages and laugh your heart out!

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Prank Your Friends Using Spoof Box

The spoof box app allows users to send text messages in a variety of templates. 

Users can choose from a variety of templates, including ones that are funny or annoying. The app is easy to use, and users can send text messages to anyone in the United States and other countries for free of charge.

Users can choose from a lot of spoof’s such as: SMS, Email, Fax, Chat, iMessage, WhatsApp, Fake image location and more.

The app is easy to use and all users need is a phone number and a friend’s phone number. 

Spoofbox provides notifications when new messages are sent, so you can easily keep up with what’s happening. 

You can also block numbers or messages if you don’t want to receive them.

Moreover users can acquire a virtual phone which can also be used for sms and calls. This service can be helpful for people who don’t have access to an international phone or who want to use multiple phones.

They’re also a great way to spoof to your friends and family,  you are making an international tour meanwhile you’re not!!!

Put a Smile on the Face of Your Friend Using Send Random Facts

SendRandomFacts helps pranksters to send a text prank, and you get to choose the type of text message that your recipient will receive. 

You can choose to send them a series of annoying messages at a predetermined time frame, or select one message that will be more annoying than the rest. 

You can send facts about animals, public figures like Donald Trump, parenting and coffee.

SendRandomFacts is not a free service but the charge a few bucks that makes it affordable.

Prank Your Friends Using Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks is a reputable prank tool that has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo, HuffPost, and Independent.

It is one of the most popular pranks tools on the market today. Ownage Pranks makes it easy to pull off hilarious pranks with friends or family by sending unlimited messages!

This website provides users with a variety of subscription services that they can use to annoy their friends throughout the day.

You’ll never run out of new ways to have a laugh by pranking your friends “butt your car”, “rakesh hotdog complaint” and more. 

With Ownage, you can prank friends with even video calls. You can use categories of pranks and also use their mobile app for both android and iOS .

Final Thoughts

There’s something about a good prank that just makes people happy. Whether it’s calling your friend and pretending to be their boss, or sending them a random text message that says “I’m late for work, please pick up my dry cleaning today,” pranks always put a smile on someone’s face. 

And whether you choose to pull off the prank yourself or enlist the help of a friend, there are plenty of hilarious free pranking apps out there to make your job easier!

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