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11 Most Important Aspects of Moving House in Liverpool

We all have to endure the process of transporting everything we own to a new residence and while it is exciting to turn another page in the story of life, the actual move can be very stressful. Perhaps the best approach is to view it as a project and plan accordingly, and with that in mind, we point out some very important aspects of relocation to focus your attention on.

What Are The Important Aspects You Need to Consider When Moving House?

The Perfect Time For A Sort Out

We are all hoarders to some degree and there’s no better time to hunt down and remove all that useless stuff you’ve accumulated – hire a small skip and go through the house, garage and shed – make note of what is not going to the new dwelling. Once you have a list of all items included in the move, contact the best removalist in Liverpool and ask them for a quote.

If you find stuff that can be sold, rather than throwing it away, advertise on Facebook and make a few dollars. If you live in a large family home, you might find a lot more than you thought possible; order a suitably sized skip and spend the weekend exploring the spare room, attic and basement.

End Of Tenancy Clean

Of course, it would be ideal if you get your deposit returned; call in a professional house cleaner for this one. Walk through with the team leader to check what is to be included in the clean. There might be additional snagging costs or you might have to redecorate, depending on the condition.

These contractors are very busy so book the clean as soon as you confirm your dates. Hopefully, the landlord will be satisfied that all is well and you’ll get your deposit back.

Cancelling Subscriptions

We all pay for subscriptions we don’t really use and this is a good time to stop those; others you wish to keep need your new address. Talk to your partner, as they might also have subscriptions. Inform the local services that you regularly use of your new address, if appropriate. If you’re thinking of changing energy providers, now is a good time to make the switch.

Settling Utility Accounts

Don’t overlook this; more than setting the bill, you need to terminate the contract, which removes responsibility. If you are moving close by, you might want to use the same provider and remind them to connect up the utilities in the new home. 


Some homeowners freak out at the thought of a stranger touching their personal possessions and who can blame them? Ideally, choose a removal contractor that supplies the packing materials and offers a comprehensive service, which usually means zero breakages.

There are many items you can pre-pack, things you won’t be using before the move can be packed and labelled; work from your inventory and use sturdy packing crates when possible.

Each box should have the room clearly marked for ease of access; you can use colours as codes; green for the living room, brown for the kitchen and so on. Click here for the ultimate moving checklist.


If you are using a leading Liverpool removalist, they plan each and every route; they have a nationwide network for interstate removals. The last thing you need is to get lost!

Preparing The New Abode

Whether a new or used building, you need to send in a team of house cleaners a day or two before the big day; armed with your floorplan, walk around and make sure that the power and water are turned on. Utilities are essential and another thing to think about is screening; when the sun goes down, you don’t want to be the attraction of the neighbourhood.

Have the carpets deep cleaned and solid timber floors deserve waxing and polishing (don’t forget furniture pads). The day before the move, drive over to check that all is well and the property is ready for occupation.

Choosing A Reliable Removalist

Start with an online search and browse the various websites of local contractors. Read the online reviews and those that look promising can be contacted and asked for quotes. An established contractor would have the resources necessary to guarantee there will be no obstructions to cause a delay in the project. All removal contractors should be members of trade associations and federations, which would be visible on their website. 


Check that the removalist is fully insured to cover any damage that might occur; even with the utmost care and attention, accidents can happen and with full insurance, you can sleep peacefully at night. All established removal contractors would be fully covered as standard.

Taking Possession Of The Keys

You might be surprised to learn that some people actually do forget to bring the keys when they set off for the new property. Make a list of things to do and add this item, then you won’t forget the obvious. Then there is the question of the keys to the old home; either hand them to the real estate agent or to the landlord when you leave.


Of course, cost is important and it doesn’t always follow that the most expensive is the best, the industry is highly competitive and that is to your advantage; there is a finite amount of relocation business and operators do what they can to secure contracts. Good removalists are always busy and established companies have a fleet of trucks and a few reliable teams that can handle domestic and commercial relocations.

Wrapping Up

Once you are settled in, the move will seem a lifetime away and you can start thinking about home improvements over the coming years. When you enlist the services of a leading removalist in Liverpool, you can be sure of a stress-free experience and you can look forward to the next exciting chapter of your life.