How to Learn English With Short Movies

Do you want to learn English but don’t have enough time? Or maybe you’re not sure how to get started? Well, today we’re going to show you how! You can learn English with short movies

Steps To Follow When You are Learning English by Watching Short Movies:

  1. Choose a movie that is appropriate for your level. If you are a beginner, choose a movie with simple dialogue and clear pronunciation. If you are more advanced, choose a movie with more challenging vocabulary and grammar.
  1. Watch the movie several times. Each time you watch, pay attention to different aspects of the language. For example, the first time you watch, focus on the overall story. The second time, pay attention to the dialogue. The third time, focus on the characters’ body language and facial expressions.
  1. Take notes while you watch. Write down new vocabulary words and phrases, and try to use them in your own writing or speaking.
  2. Don’t be afraid to pause the movie and rewind if you need to. It’s okay if you don’t understand everything the first time around. The more you watch, the better you’ll understand.

Have fun! Learning a new language should be enjoyable, so make sure to choose movies that you enjoy watching. With these tips in mind, you can learn English with short movies. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best short English movies for learning English.

5 of the Best Short English Movies for Learning English:

1. The Notebook:

The Notebook is a short movie that can be helpful for people who want to learn English.

The movie is about a young woman named Mia who tries to find her way in the world after she graduates from college.

 The movie follows Mia as she moves to New York City and starts working as a nanny.

Throughout the movie, Mia uses her notebook to help her remember things that she needs to do.

Watch it from here: https://www.netflix.com/title/60036227

2. The Present:

The Present is a short movie that can be used to help English learners improve their listening and reading skills.

The story is about a young boy who receives a present from his grandmother.

The present is a book, but the boy does not know how to read it. 

He asks his father for help, and together they begin to read the book. As they read, the father translates the words into English for his son. This activity helps the boy to learn new vocabulary and to understand the story.

Watch it from here: https://www.netflix.com/title/81424328

3. I Forgot My Phone:

I Forgot My Phone Short Movie is a helpful tool for learning English. The movie is only six minutes long, but it covers a lot of ground. In the movie, a woman named Sarah forgets her phone. 

As she goes about her day, she realises how much her phone has become a part of her life. Without it, she feels disconnected from the world.

Watch it from here: https://vimeo.com/73085316

4. iDiots:

iDiots is a new short film that is designed to help English learners improve their language skills. 

The film follows the story of two friends who share a love of learning English. However, when one friend is diagnosed with a learning disability, the other must find a way to help him continue his studies. Watch the movie from here: https://vimeo.com/79695097

5. Soar:

Soar is a short movie that can help people learn English. The movie follows the story of a young girl named Mia who is trying to learn how to fly. 

Mia is helped by a friendly bird named Caleb, who teaches her the basics of flying. As Mia learns more about flying, she also starts to pick up some new words and phrases in English. 

By the end of the movie, Mia is able to fly on her own and has learned a number of new English words and phrases. 

Watch the movie from here: https://filmshortage.com/shorts/soar/

These five short movies are great resources for learning English. To get the most out of watching these films, be sure to follow the steps we outlined above.

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