The Top 10 Stylish Italian Furniture Brands You Should Know

The Top 10 Stylish Italian Furniture Brands You Should Know

Stylish Italian furniture has always emphasized the utilization of fine quality materials and delightful craftsmanship. Read more about its history and find out the top 10 stylish Italian furniture brands you would like to understand. Most of the earliest known pieces of Stylish Italian furniture were Roman adaptations of Greek designs. Bronze and wooden furniture of the 1st century was found in the ruins … Read more

Kerfing Wood Bending Method

Kerfing wood bending method is also a very easy method of wood bending. Generally, in this wood bending method, saw kerf (cut) operation is executed on the inner surface of the wood which to be bent. The method for this kerfing wood bending is a relation between the thickness of the wood, the curvature ‘R’ … Read more

Various Ways of Wood Bending for Furniture Manufacturing

From a long period ago, wood bending is one of the important methods used in the wood processing. Wood bendingis particularly special but not actually a difficult technique. Some of the classic examples of wood bending are boat, barrel and container. In Western Europe, this technique has been being used for a long instance in … Read more

How to Make Wood Bendable with Hot Water

Have you ever heard about wood can be bendable with the help of only water? Yes! Wood can be bent with the help of hot water or water. Now, I will teach you how to make wood bendable with hot water. That means, you would be able to profile your wood however you want. Before … Read more