Tips For Air Conditioning Installation: Why You Should Hire Professionals?

In the heat of the summertime, we all want an air conditioner to keep us cool. If you do not have one, or if you have one that is no longer working, it is time to install one. Installation can be a big job for you and is probably best left to a professional.

A professional can make sure that the job is done correctly. They can make sure that your cool air conditioning installation goes the way that it should. This way you will cool in a few hours instead of a few days. 

This article will tell you some of the things that you should look at before you have your AC unit installed. It will show you some questions that should be answered, as well. You can also do more research to find out even more about the subject.

AC Installation Tips


People assume that the cheaper units will work just as good as the more expensive ones, but this is not always true. Spending a little more money will get you a unit that will save you energy, and therefore money during its lifetime. You want to buy the most energy-efficient unit that you can afford.


Along with cost, you want a quality unit so that it will last you longer. Quality units will cost you a little more money than less quality units, but you want to make sure that they work for the next fifteen to twenty years. If you want to make sure that it lasts this long, buy quality.


The size of your air conditioner is dependent on the size of your home. The size should be able to cool your home correctly and efficiently. If it is too small, it will be running continuously trying to cool your home. You need to have the size that is just right for your home. 

Efficient Ductwork

Before you get a new air conditioner, make sure that your ductwork is in perfect condition. If it is not, the air will leak through the gaps that might exist and you will not stay cool. Replace any ductwork that is not in working condition. 

Energy Consumption

The unit you buy should be energy efficient so that you can save money on your electric bills and save the environment. Check the EER, or the Energy Efficiency Rating, to make sure that it is a high number. You do not want it to be lower than eight and it can be as high as eleven and a half. 

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Air Quality

Check the air quality of your air conditioner to make sure that it will be good for your home. Once you have that checked, make sure that you keep the air quality in your home. This might mean cleaning or replacing ductwork so that your air quality is better. 


The durability of the system is particularly important. Make sure that the system is built to last you for at least fifteen years. Air conditioner units should last at least this long.


The installation of the unit should be in a place that will keep it cool. The condenser unit should not be placed in direct sunlight because it will cause it to work harder to keep your home cool. It should be in a place that will keep your home cool in an efficient manner.


Maintenance should be a monthly thing for your unit. If you keep up with the maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs. See here for some maintenance tips. Maintenance also includes changing filters when they get too dirty to use, usually one to three months. 

Additional Equipment

Check with the manufacturer to see if there is additional equipment that could go along with your unit. There may be things that can help your unit to work more effectively. Check into a heat pump that can help your unit work as both a heater and an air conditioner.


Make sure that you have a professional installation for your air conditioner. They can make sure that it is installed properly and can make sure that your ductwork is in working order. If you try to do it yourself, you can miss a step and cause more issues for you. 

Check the cost and quality of your unit before you buy it. You want the best quality of air conditioning that you can afford. You need to spring for the most efficient unit that you can afford. 

Check the efficiency of the unit as well, it should have a high EER rating. Also, check the placement of your unit to make sure that it is not in direct sunlight because it will have to work harder to keep your home cool. This will cut down on the unit’s efficiency.

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