Tips to Save Smart Phone if falls into water

Currently, smartphone is in all of your hands. But, you may face a lot of problems during using your smart phones. One of them is if it falls into the water suddenly. It is unknown to us when your smart phone fell into the water. Let’s find out what steps to be taken if your mobile phone falls into water.

Tips to Save Smartphone from Water:

1. Pick your smart phone and switch off immediately if it falls into water. Many times, it is seen that mobile phone becomes Switched ON though it has been picked from the water. So, switch off at first.
2. After switching off your smart phone, remove  SIM card, memory card, and the battery from the phone immediately.
3. After removing all (memory card, sim card, battery etc), shake your phone for a few minutes so that water can come out from the smart phone. It works well if you shake properly.
4. After shaking well of your wet smart phone, dry it properly. At first, dry with soft fabrics and then, keep it into the drum of rice. Keep your mobile phone into the sack of rice for about 24 hours .

After 24 hours, pull out your smart phone from the sack of rice and enter your SIM card, memory card, battery etc into your mobile phone. Then, Switch ON your mobile phone. You will see that your mobile phone is same as before.

Hope this tips will help you a lot from water damaging of your mobile phone.  You can save smart phone by using this tricks. If you like it, share it please.

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