10 Common Types of Cases a Personal Injury Attorney Handles

10 Common Types of Cases a Personal Injury Attorney Handles

After an accident, it is necessary to hire a personal injury attorney. They play a crucial role in securing fair compensation for victims. Insurance companies will lowball the victims if they don’t hire a lawyer.

One of the studies that highlights this enormous gap in compensation and success rate when an individual engages a lawyer is from the American Bar Association. Here are some common types of personal injury cases that a personal injury lawyer handles:

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the case of motor vehicle accidents involving a pedestrian or cyclist, they need to be carefully processed with qualified legal support.

An attorney will investigate these cases very deeply; they will find out the faulty party or parties and compile the evidence, such as accident reconstruction reports and medical records. They will fight for the victim to get full compensation for their injuries and other damages.

2. Slip and Fall Incidents

These legal professionals wisely operate in the realm of premises liability laws; they obtain evidence such as surveillance footage or maintenance records and advocate for a fair settlement amount that should cover the medical bills, long-term therapy costs, and lifelong reduced quality of life being faced by an injured party due to this incident.

3. Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice lawsuits include a wide range of circumstances, ranging from surgical blunders to misdiagnoses or birth trauma.

Attorneys specializing in this field carefully scrutinize medical documents, cooperate with professional witnesses, and relentlessly pursue justice by pursuing compensation that should cover the costs of extensive treatments, the need for ongoing care, loss of earnings, as well as pain and suffering within the victim’s family.

4. Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases involve injuries that are caused by defective products, including faulty consumer goods and even dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Attorneys investigate in detail, cooperate with the engineers or other experts working on product development, usually involved in manufacturing defective products, and try to win claims for victims who had their medical bills paid or lost profits from work due to injuries caused by a faulty item of goods or services.

5. Workplace Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Attorneys understand all the nuances of workers’ compensation laws. They will make sure injured employees receive a fair deal in relation to their medical treatment, rehabilitation programs, lost salaries, or potential retraining for another job due to disability.

6. Dog Bite and Animal Attack Claims

Cases regarding dog bites or animal attacks require thorough legal representation. Attorneys carefully evaluate the details of the attack, compile evidence, and pursue compensation for medical treatment costs, cosmetic surgeries, therapy sessions, and emotional pain endured by the victim.

7. Assault and Battery Claims

In assault or battery cases, good legal representation is required to advocate on behalf of the victims.

Attorneys will guide the victim to collect evidence, cooperate with law enforcement as needed, and pursue damages for medical bills, counseling fees, lost earnings, and pain from the assault.

8. Wrongful Death

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Highly complicated legal issues arise in cases of catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths.

Attorneys act with compassion, pursuing large awards to cover extensive medical bills that may stretch into the future, along with ongoing care and any additional financial backing lost, as well as an immeasurable amount of pain every person who was affected by or survived this incident would never be able to forget.

9. Defamation and Libel Cases

Personal injury attorneys help individuals, when faced with defamation or libel, get legal retribution.

They work under defamation laws, gather proof of the false statements that have been made about their clients, and fight for compensation to greatly help restore their reputation and address any economic or psychological damages suffered because of this slander.

10. Environmental Injury Claims

Cases involving injuries due to environmental hazards are handled by expert attorneys who specialize in cases of law relating to the environment.

They probe into cases of environmental damage, punish those who are guilty, and seek restitution for medical bills, damages to property, and the general interests in society stemming from acts of negligence towards the environment.


Personal injury lawyers deal with a wide range of cases. They have in-depth legal expertise, so they can help their clients get guaranteed compensation. Their knowledge guarantees that clients will receive complete representation and assistance during complicated legal proceedings.